NYC extends NYP10 application deadline

The National Youth Commission announces the extension of the application period for the 10th Parliament of Youth Leaders

from March 21 toMarch 31, 2014. Although there has been an influx of applications already this week, the National Organizing Committee decided to move the deadline in order to accommodate some more applications.


“We have been swamped with requests to extend the deadline. Majority of those who requested for an extension indicated that their finals week coincided with the last week of application period, hence, the decision to move the deadline,” said Commissioner-at-Large Jose Rafael Cruz, chairman of the NYP Organizing Committee.

However, as an incentive to those who made it to the original deadline, they will be given extra points to be determined by the Selection and Screening Committee.
Furthermore, those who do not have the means to produce the video resume should indicate the same in the letter of intent as well as the reason. The NYP10 Secretariat will provide alternatives for them so they can still meet the minimum requirements.

Gawing mas maaksyon ang inyong bakasyon! Accomplish the application form and make it to the cut!

Application forms may be downloaded at


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