YSA on Partnership with AFS International Programs Philippines




For the three consecutive years, the Youth Service America (YSA) has selected AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines as Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2014 Country Partner.

The office of AFS Philippines received YSA letter with congratulatory content and informing the three days Global Youth Service.

Below is the message from YSA:

Congratulations to AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines for becoming a Country Partner for Global Youth Service Day 2014!

Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) will occur Friday, April 11-Sunday, April 13, 2014. I want to personally thank you applying to serve as a Country Partner this year. Since 1988, through Global Youth Service Day, YSA has engaged millions of youth in community service and service-learning projects in their local communities, while also recognizing the important contributions youth make every day of the year. YSA’s goal during GYSD is to mobilize youth, ages 5-25, in community service and service-learning projects throughout their communities. As a Country Partner, you play a major role in helping engage millions of youth in meaningful service, as well as celebrate the many contributions youth make to their communities.

As a GYSD Country Partner, you are responsible for engaging at least 100 youth in meaningful service by leading GYSD projects in your region, encouraging others in your network to organize GYSD projects and register them on the GYSD map, promoting GYSD throughout your network and region, and reporting the impact of your GYSD projects. In collaboration with organizations like yours, Youth Service America strives to meet the following goals on GYSD:

– Scale: Engage millions of young people, ages 5-25, especially those not usually asked to serve, in an early step on a life-long path of service and civic engagement.

– Visibility: Celebrate and raise public awareness of the year-round contributions of young people, especially among the media and public officials.

– Impact: Have a positive impact on young people and on communities through meaningful, youth-led awareness, service, advocacy, and philanthropy projects that meet community needs in the areas of health, education, human service, human rights, and the environment.

As a Country Partner, Youth Service America will work with you to:

– Recruit and coordinate with local groups and organizations to participate in GYSD

– Ensure all GYSD projects in Philippines are registered at the GYSD website

– Promote GYSD resources and materials to organizations participating in GYSD

– Conduct media outreach and social media messaging in support of GYSD projects in Philippines

– Reach out to government officials and leaders to support and participate in Philippines’s GYSD events

– Report results after Global Youth Service Day from the organizations that registered events

AFS Philippines voiced out and claimed that 2014 is the year to make the event shine as it said that they will make it big this time around. A get-together with its alumni and chapters will be assembled to participate in the different Largest Service Event in the World.

Encouraging everyone to like YSA Philippines Facebook for more updates and information. Click Here <https://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Youth-Service-Day-GYSD-2014-Philippines/454948361245735&gt;

Source: <http://www.afs.ph/news-and-events/article/?article_id=5553&gt;


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