Philippine Youth Index: Measuring and Reinventing Youth Development

Youth Index
Photo by: The Helicon Projects


The National Youth Commission (NYC) Press Conference has embarked a new journey for youth development by creating the Philippine Youth Development Index (PYDI) during the media presentation at the Department of Education (DepEd) Central office which took place in 27th day of January with its theme “Measuring and Reinventing Youth Development: NYC heralds the creation of Philippine Youth Index.”

PYDI aimed to measure youth development in the field of education, employment, health and participation for the country to improve planning and implementation of policies as well as to complement the efforts from the international community to analyze combined data on youth. It shall ensure integration within all national accounts in relation to social and economic developments of the country.

Based on the index crafted by Institute of Development and Econometric Analysis and NYC, the Philippines got a national YDI score of 0.57, slightly above Medium. The PYDI is lower than the Global Youth Development Index (GYDI) overall score garnered by the Philippines at 0.71. The GYDI was just recently conducted by the Commonwealth at the international level ranking more than 160 countries. The GYDI put the Philippines at rank 47 and puts the country at second highest spot next to Singapore in the ASEAN. 

The Chairman of NYC Undersecretary Leon Flores III explained that Philippines placed in medium youth development category with an overall YDI score of 0.71 that meant efforts and initiatives resulting in the status level of young people to an average. She said that the rank itself is already an accomplishment despite the fact that the country is facing many challenges and hoping the policy-makers both in the national and local level will peruse both PYDI and GYDI to assist them.

Based on provincial consultation, an interesting finding of PYDI was gathered. Founding Chairman of the IDEA Dr. Cayetano Paderanga said that  CAR has the highest YDI value (0.66) while ARMM seemed to need the most assistance in youth development (0.14). It is intended that the use of the YDI be maximized, both for the areas of social research and policy-making to attain better craft policies that will empower the youth alongside harnessing their potentials and competencies to ensure full participation in forging a better future for the country.

Moreover, Flores added that it shall recognize the importance of youth as a partner in nation building with a vision to complement efforts from the international community and analyze aggregate data on youth. Interesting findings yield in the recently concluded provincial consultations that mirror the plight of the Filipino youth.




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