YOUKI leads International Youth Media Festival Competition



Youth filmmakers around the world – YOUKI’s upcoming international competition is calling your attention to tape your digital prowess in motion pictures.

Be it individual or group works, home or school projects, 10-26-year older youngsters are eligible to join. Please be guided that there will be three group divisions per age range: 10-14 | 15-19 | 20-26 years old.

Take note that submitted pieces must be on Video-DVD format.

  • Unless a seperate screening-copy is included, this DVD will be used for the screenings.
  • All films will be presented digitally with professional cinema technology.
  • For financial reasons your copies cannot be returned, but Pickup is possible. YOUKI accepts no liability for damage to tapes.

The films selected by the preliminary jury may be presented by YOUKI at the following events:

  • International Competition of YOUKI festival
  • Media Meetings (Within YOUKI)
  • Film festivals (and similar events) at home and abroad where YOUKI has been invited.
  • YOUKI tours

Projection of film work:

YOUKI reserves the right to show and/or review all submitted material (either in part or in full) at their discretion. Furthermore YOUKI may use these materials for the production of posters for the festival etc. Stills of films may also be prepared and may be relayed to the press.

Judges for the competition proper is exclusive from the Innovative Film Award and Audience Award as it will be judged by a select committee.

Granting winners will be awarded according to age division:

  • 10-14 years: € 700
  • 15-19 years: € 1100
  • 20-26 years: € 1500
  • Innovative Film Award: € 800
  • Audience Award: € 600

To access the form of submission, click here

For other questions, mail your inquiries to



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