2014 International Letter-Writing Competition for Youth


Universal Postal Union (UPU) encourages young writers to submit an application for the 2014 International Letter-Writing Competition with the theme: “Writer a letter describing how music can touch lives”.

The annual competition started in 1969 and was officially launched in 1971 by the Tokyo Congress. Millions of participants coming from across the globe with age limit 15 and below are invited to join. Education and the media authorities supported UPU for this annual activity.

One of the basic missions of the UPU through the competition is to boost youth awareness about the important role of postal services in the society. It will also develop their skills in letter composition and their ability to express thoughts clearly as it motivates young writers to continue and enjoy letter writing despite the digital modern world. It is also a way to build up friendship with different countries involved in the competition.

UPU provided a poster to promote the contest as advertised in post offices, schools or other public areas. Poster should include specific information about the national organizers (contacts, national prizes.etc.) and the logo of the entities as required.

Please contact the UPU Communications Programme for the downloadable InDesign or jpg files of the poster. School teachers advertising the contest should be familiarized with the contest regulation.

For more details, contact the nearest Post Office  to inquire about your country’s participation for the international competition.

Deadline is no later than April 30, 2014. Submit the best letter you can create. Represent your country in the International Bureau.


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