UK Academic Program for Filipino Students

uk flag

British Council Philippines (BCP) carried out the Education UK Exhibition, a free admission affair for students and parents at the Intercontinental Hotel Makati last February 15.

It gave opportunities for exhibitions about prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, aiming to present each individual specialization to offer with the Filipino students.

21 dynamic institutions in the UK region took part on the exhibition. Some of the schools (Cambridge Education Group, City University London, Northumbria University, Staffordshire University, and University of Bradford) offered a dynamic range of fields such as architecture, arts, humanities, business and economics, computer science, culinary arts, education, engineering, environment or natural resources, fashion, literature, law, media communications, medicine, political science, psychology, pre-university foundation, science, tourism and hotel management. Most universities gave brochures, registration papers, and consultations.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS), UK Visas and Immigration, and British Council built a booth that handled other pre-requisites for important reminders related to studying abroad. It presented talks about visa applications, university requirements, variety of studying options including an alumni-sharing session that encompassed the processes, needs, and experiences of studying in the UK.

Important documents like UK Visa, evidence of finances and certificate of acceptance for studies were required primarily to ensure the trip and staying in the UK. The program assured that there will be no problems regarding language barriers, given that applicants should first pass the IELTS to test the person’s English proficiency and other necessary skills. Some of the institutions required applicants to undergo a credibility interview through a video conference or to submit a self-written personal statement that helped the directors of the universities to select deserving students who have exceptional intellectual prowess, admirable achievements and favorable character.

The financial assistance used for the program depended on university location and span of years for the time of study. Studying within London had a minimum tuition of £9000 per year (for more than 12 months) or £7200 (for less than 12 months), and £1000 per month (for more than 12 months) or £800 per month (for less than 12 months) when studying out of London capital. Moreover, the organizers granted scholarships and allowances.

UK universities provided a productive academic environment for their various study halls, classrooms, and libraries. A practical training and internship also depended on the university. However if the management will offer training subject, it will be during school days and school break. Its advantage is to give a greater opportunity for selected students to work abroad during or after pursuing study. Aside from academic matters, future UK students were encouraged to appreciate the culture and landmarks of the country.



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