Apo Laki and Philippines Beauty Kings 2014 on VOTY Radio


The VOTY Radio program Episode 27 highlighted how Apo Laki and ‘Beauty Kings’ played significant roles in empowerming the Filipino youth.

The Apo Laki of the Infant Jesus Montessori Center Youth for Environment in School Organization (IJMC YES-O), comprised of High school students, were the first guests to go on air. The group crafted original songs with themes that promotes environmental awareness and responsibility. These songs performed locally and internationally — with US, Africa and Japan off their lists. They already composed three songs and one of these is entitled ‘Sama-sama’.

An adviser for Apo Laki  said: “Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change. If we wish for a better world, we must start within ourselves. He encourages everyone to believe in the youth and catch their attention, and they can change not just for themselves but the world.”

Three titleholders from the organization Mr. Philippines also graced Episode 27. The three winners are: Mr. Universe Philippines Mark Del Rosario, Mr. Philippines 1st runner-up Charles Palomar and Mr. Planet Philippines Richard Mohado. Del Rosario competed in the Mr. Universe pageant held June 1 – 10, 2013 at the Dominican Republic while Mohado competed in Mr. Planet held August of the same year.

Mr. Philippines aimed to showcase the intelligence and gentleness of Filipino men. It has plans to have their own charity foundation that would conduct activities such as bloodletting projects and feeding programs.

Del Rosario advised them to claim their victory over challenges so that good vibes will be reflecting in their actions and words. Mohado advised listeners that everything can be achieved through hard work, while Palomar encourages everyone to identify their goals so that they know what path to take without regrets and hesitation.


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