Volunteerism Advocacy Development and Human Empowerment, the Highlights of VOTY Radio Episode 26


Different organizations and individuals presented their Volunteerism Advocacy Development and Human Empowerment Programs on air during the 26th episode of the  Voice of the Youth Radio, February 8, 2014.

Representative of the  non-profit organization of YPAM or Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement Ralph Frondoza talked about their goal to be an umbrella organization to other youth organizations that peace in one of its core missions. It was organized and even called “Speed Dating for Nation Building” along with other organizations including Divine Source Foundation, Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid, GlobalAdvocacies.com, ParaSaBayan.org, Kaizen 7 University and Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme. The benefit event aims to invite all nation builders in the country and discuss their advocacies with each other for the purpose of nation development.

Aside from the said event, the representatives from the said organizations also discussed some goals that they want to achieve in their respective projects. Divine Source Foundation aimed to promote values information and initiate feeding programs that believes to give nourishment for the soul and body. The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme discussed a project called “Waray Balay” that features eco-friendly and self- sustainable housing facilities in Eastern Visayas and the Kaizen 7 University, which provides alternative education in life, leadership, entrepreneurship and character building.

John Vincent Ong was the next guest. He was the founder of Halo-Halo books, a creative publishing company for children’s books. Halo-Halo books aims to promote Filipino culture and heritage by creating new characters for the Filipino community online. The company was also open for aspiring writers who want to suggest or contribute illustrations, stories and voice works intended for young readers.

Myra Sandico from PMCM Events Management and Khoa Bui, Australian entrepreneur discussed an event called The Ultimate Health and Wellness Summit. It aimed to encourage Filipinos to be physically fit and to practice a healthy living, help them lose weight in the right way, and provide free make-up service, health check, diet plans and workout plans including zumba sessions.

From the British council of an educational-cultural relations organization from the UK, Chesca Santiago and Mike Cabigon promoted the Annual Education UK Exhibition that aims to encourage the UK culture in the Philippines. It offers programs for social entrepreneurship and provides help and guidance for local students who want to take their further master studies in the UK.

While Karen Oloroso and Shane Fisher discussed a project called I Am HIP (Helping Islets in the Philippines. Oloroso and Fisher were both Red Cross volunteers that came up with an idea to help calamity victims from Philippine islets, which means “small or little islands”. The project had covered four different islets from Bantayan Town, part of Cebu province wherein it had gathered donations intended for the building of mini libraries, day care centers and additional community halls.

Ma. Khrisma Soliven, along with other colleagues from the UP Community Broadcasters Society discussed an award-giving body for media that were organized last January 25, the Gandingan Awards 2014.  It aimed to challenge the youth to be more critical with programs that they watch on TV or listen to the radio. She also wanted to encourage the youth to watch worthwhile programs that are development-oriented and be a responsible user of social media to promote positive change.

VOTY Radio or Voice of the Youth Radio is one of the Radio Programs being run by Voice of the Youth Network in the hope of giving voice to the Filipino Youth. It airs every Saturday, 3:00 to 4:30 PM only on DZIQ 990 Radyo Inquirer.


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