WNYLE to organize International Workshop on Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

finlandYouth innovating leadership philosophy while acing the business world: Why not? World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (WNYLE), a pioneer organization in developing the ‘learning by feeling’ approach in cultivating fresh minds, launches the International Workshop on Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship to be held on 12-15 September 2014 at Kiljavanrante Centre, Finland. Open to all eligible 18-23 year-old youths internationally, 50 exemplary individuals will be selected to participate with the event. The workshop aims to redefine the mood of  young ideas venturing in entrepreneurship upon entailing its three key objectives:

  • Nurture and solidify the entrepreneurial (particularly the entrepreneurial mind-set) and leadership skills among youth participants.
  • Enhance the knowledge exchange and further cooperation among participating youth.

  • Promote the multi-cultural awareness and collaborative networking among youth participants.

Details for participation are the following:

  • Highly motivated to improve their entrepreneurial attitude and mind-set

  • Highly motivated to improve their leadership skills

  • Highly motivated to network, share and learn from the leadership/entrepreneurial experiences of other international youth participants

  • Aged between 18-23 years (some exemptions may apply on a case by case basis)

  • Speak and understands English language


“We also would like to emphasize that the international workshop is NOT suitable to participants who expect a full concentration on their business idea. Tough the international workshop will touch upon the participant’s business idea and provide relevant feedback, it will also provide room for the enhancement of leadership skills, mind-set development, participants networking and multicultural engagement.”

For scholarship aspirants, WNYLE will grant 15 qualified applicants:

  • 3 scholarships to the winners of the Global Inspirational Voices contest 2014

  • 4 scholarships among those applicants who – as part of their application- submit a video to the Global Inspirational Voices contest 2014

  • 3 scholarships to those applicants who apply without video submission to the Global Inspirational Voices contest 2014

  • 5 scholarships to Finnish participants

For further details regarding scholarships, click here. To register with the workshop seminar, click link here for the complete admission and scholarship application. For the scheduled flow of event, proceed with the preliminary program. Visit WNYLE Workshop 2014 for more information.wnyle.org


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