Less is more: Flash Fiction Writing Competition


Here’s the challenge: Six words. Nothing more. Nothing less. And you ought to tell “The Story of a Thing” at its magnificence.

Penny Fiction features literary gods and goddesses whose passion for writing is at all devotions. With a theme of “The Object of our Desire”, participants are encouraged to submit works either via digital or print media to be featured

No monetary prizes – just the privilege of being featured in Penny Fiction’s literary journal, From the Depths and an appearance in Penny Fiction Poster Collection, is a stepping stone in exposing your writing prowess.

Please be guided with the competition rules:

1.            Entries accepted by email and The Tip Jar only. Email Subject: Penny Fiction Summer 2014

2.            Tip Jar entries receive expedited decision.

3.            Multiple entries okay. One is fine. Four is cool. Twenty is borderline obnoxious.

4.            One entry per email.

5.            No attachments, cover letters, or long lists of previously published work. (Exception: Tip Jarentries must be submitted as an attachment.)

6.            Previously unpublished works only.

7.            Submit a short story told in 6 words.  No more. No less.

8.            Type your entry in the body of the email.

9.            Include one interesting fact about yourself in 13 words or less. No cut ‘n paste author bios. Undertakers and cat herders earn extra points. If we do not find you interesting, we reserve the right to make you appear more interesting.

10.          Include your Twtter profile name if you have one so we can follow and sing your praises.

11.          Like HWP on Facebook and Penny Dreadful on Facebook! (Yes, she will be checking!)

12.          The fine print: Penny Fiction is a “for the love of the flash” project. Authors receive exposure only, no monetary payment. Not even a penny. Haunted Waters Press holds electronic and print publishing rights for ninety days following publication and non-exclusive print, electronic and archival rights forever. Copyright remains with the author. Entry is taken to be acceptance of these conditions and rules, winning authors will sign an Author’s Agreement. Yay for publishing contracts!


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