The best of social media in the Philippines showcased in #BoomPH Social Media Day 2014


To celebrate two decades of greatness of the countries’ progress through internet, much of the online community in the Philippine gathered to get up-to-date to the latest trends in social media and business opportunities being showcased in the Samsung Hall of SM Aura, Taguig. 10270816_810473652297435_1023504469556875108_n 1907362_810474342297366_749123851449096361_n

On June 28, after a delay cause by a deficit of tables, the auditorium on the six floor of SM Aura was soon packed with many media companies, online industries, business entrepreneurs and social networking participants to endorse and canvass through the assortment of goods, opportunities, platforms, and services offered and presented by the different online communities.

#boomPh Social Media Day hit it off as it became the ideal event social networking sites such Tumblr PH, Filipino Freethinkers, PinoyExchange Google Communities and other such sites that appeal to bloggers and social networkers providing a platform for them to find like-minded people to share their interest and opinions with. Sites like Soundcloud, IGersManila, and Tumblr PH also set up an online stage where it’s users can display their talents in photography, artworks, and music.

DJ mixing music live


Even industries and companies who are not closely tied to the online community such as Globe, Solar News Channel, and BPI joined the event to present their new apps and products that would better cater to the youth’s use of the online media. Taking the examples of sites like and that provides an online marketplace where users post and bid on projects, services, and tasks. 10447124_810470998964367_85325669429026913_n

Julie Flores, Microphone Club Network – Voice Artist, pictured on the left


Other than social networks and business, the event was also joined by industries like IGersManila that caters to photographers and photo editor, Cintiq that aids the creation of digital arts, which is an online petition platform for activist and adcovates and other miscellaneous companies that want to promote and market to the many different interest and hobbies of the online community.

All of these social networks and business industries and more were elaborated upon by the speakers and representatives during the program while the exhibitors manage the booths. The Social Media event proved to be a wonderful and effective meetup to further advance the progress of these companies in the online media. Cheers to another year of success and progress in the internet, may there be many more.

 (Written by Nicole Corpus, voice artist, writer , and Microphone Club Member)


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