The Brow Studio: A Threading and Waxing Salon That Offers Brow-Raising Results for the Youth

The eyebrows of a person originally function as an umbrella that protects the eyes from sweat that accumulates on a person’s forehead. Nowadays, the eyebrows carry newfound responsibilities as they become important components of facial expression and aesthetic appeal.

Brow Studio Brow Collage

However, the eyebrows is the mass of hairs that do not receive the same attention compared to other hairs in the body, like head and body hairs. As the eyebrows contribute to the overall appearance, taking care of them is a good investment. Fortunately, the Brow Studio opens its doors to help people with brow problems achieve a good looking set of eyebrows.

Brow Studio (1)

Opened by Kristine Rochelle “Teng” Tobillo in 2010 in Eastwood City, the Brow Studio is the first salon in the Philippines that offer services meant to groom the Filipino eyebrow. From eye threading to its trademark “Brow RX” that helps people with problematic eyebrows figure out the perfect look for their brows, the Brow Salon offers a quick aesthetic solution to Filipinos, young and old.

The shop offers a friendly atmosphere: the yellow and purple color palette of the salon will not scare men off from trying out its services. The purple recliners offer comfort for its customers while the Brow Studio’s expertly trained Brow Designers do their work on the customer’s brows. The Brow Studio also offers brow vitamins that Tobillo formulated with her team to help people with thin eyebrows grow a good looking set.

Brow Studio Demo

Discussing the Brow RX

Brow Vitamins

Men do not have to fear the painful rumors usually associated with brow cleaning. The expert hands of the Brow Studio’s Brow Designers make the entire effort as tolerable as possible. The Brow Studio also offers facial hair threading. While the procedure sounds painful, the procedure results to a much cleaner face for a longer period of time, as the effects last up to three weeks. This is great for men who do not have the time in the world to shave.

Brow Studio (3)

The Brow Studio also offers waxing, hair removal, and tattoo services, making the Brow Studio a haven for quick and safe aesthetic treatments. The affordable rates of the Brow Studio’s services make the already great services all the more better. The Brow Studio offers an opportunity for Filipinos to look great and feel confident. In a world full of images that define what beauty is all about, the Brow Studio offers a quick and less painful solution for people to look and feel great. The eyebrows are important components of a person’s overall appearance, and the Brow Studio helps people bring out the charming person hidden underneath lying underneath every person.

Brow Studio Models

People interested in the services of the Brow Studio can check the Brow Studio’s branches in Metro Manila, Davao, Pampanga, Subic, and Baguio. Check out their other services and rates below.Brow Studio Menu

They also sell gift certificates.

Brow Studio Gift Certificates can be bought and given away as gifts




The Brow Studio

5/F The Block SM City North EDSA

Other branches: Eastwood City, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM City Lanang Premiere, SM City Baguio, Shopwise Araneta Cubao, SM City Clark, SM City BF Paranaque, and SM Fairview



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