Jakarta, July 25th 2014 – It’s an honour for Indonesia to have the chance in hosting one of the most important events regarding the preparation of ASEAN Community 2015, this August. The three main objectives of ASEAN Community 2015 are namely the acceleration of vision in political-security, economic, and socio-cultural among ASEAN countries. As one of the pioneers of the ASEAN countries, Indonesia has a significant role in conducting notable events for the organisation. For example, during the ASEAN Summit that was held in Bali 2011, Indonesia contributed to the nuclear weapon free zone agreements in Southeast Asia or Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (SEANWFZ).

However, the role of Indonesia can not be separated from the participation of Indonesian youth. In the event entitled ASEAN Youth Expo 2014, Indonesian youth shows their concern for ASEAN growth. “In the spirit of welcoming the establishment of ASEAN
Community 2015, we have to prepare our youth to be ready in terms of knowledge, skill, and network. They are the driving force to shape our future towards a forward-looking ASEAN Community. Hence we need to constantly socialize the issue until everyone, especially young people, know about ASEAN Community 2015 so they will be able to realize how important their role is and get themselves ready,” said Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, Roy Suryo.

Forty youth delegates from all over ASEAN countries will gather at fX Sudirman, Jakarta from August 8 to 11, 2014 for ASEAN Youth Expo (AYE) 2014. Themed “Gateway to ASEAN”, AYE 2014 is hosted by Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia
and organized by On That Point (OTP) Institute of Artistic Speaking in the purpose of creating a strong network between ASEAN countries through their youth. Aryo Moedanton, AYE 2014 Project Officer and Managing Director of OTP Institute of Artistic Speaking, hopes this forum can create a space for discussion which intrigues innovative ideas to be implemented as real action for a better ASEAN Community. The delegates will engage with
each other in a three-day activity including workshop, film screening, discussion session, and cultural learning over traditional games and cultural expos.

Not only introducing ASEAN cultures, AYE 2014 will also help young people prepare their future by providing career and scholarship expo and workshops. In addition to gathering all the information you need to know about your future career and education, you
can also enjoy enchanting cultural performance presented by the delegates. ASEAN Youth Expo is definitely a fruitful festival for people who want to experience cultural diversities from
10 countries, get educative information, expand their network, and even develop new soft skill; all for no-charge at all. What are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate our spirit as the youth of ASEAN!
About Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry of Youth and Sports (KEMENPORA) is a ministry in charge of the Government of Indonesia regarding youth and sports affairs, assisting the President in formulating policies and coordinating the implementation of policies, management of property or assets of State, supervision, poverty eradication, suggestions, and considerations
related to the field of youth and sports.

Institutional milestone dealing with youth and sports development actually has been around since the early days of Indonesian independence. The history of the management of sports and youth activities by the state is known on the composition of the first Cabinet which was formed on August 19, 1945. Presidential cabinet has a teaching ministry led by Minister of Ki Hajar Dewantoro. Sports activities and physical education are under the
Ministry of Teaching. The term physical education is used in the school environment while sporting term is used for sports activities in the community for sports branches. The first cabinet which lasted for less than three months, was later replaced by the Cabinet II in the form of parliamentary under the leadership of Prime Minister Sutan Sjahrir inaugurated on November 14, 1945.

About On That Point Institute of Artistic Speaking Inspired by the core in communication: Speaking & Listening, On That Point Institute dwells and specialises in the technique of speaking that we invent: Artistic Speaking and subsidises accessible education of communication & freedom of expression through #FreeOneFreeOthers program. Established in July 25, 2009, OTP Institute’s objective is to socialise Artistic Speaking to the greater population in order to empower the exercise of responsible freedom of expression in everyday life. OTP Institute is committed to improving the practice of communication in all sectors across the globe via our different channels that include but are not limited to: Education, Corporate, and Government. In addition, with the upcoming channels of On That Point Book Series & Digital Academy, OTP Institute wishes to provide an accessible avenue for any individual throughout the world to learn and grow together.
OTP Institute believes that speaking is more than just getting our point across; being done correctly, it can liberate people to realise that speaking can help enhance and foster better
understanding between people throughout the world.
For further information, kindly contact :
Pera Malinda Sihite – Marketing Coordinator Asean Youth EXPO 2014
Phone : 082298307475
Email :
Office address :
Menara Rajawali Level 7-1, Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kawasan Mega Kuningan,
Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia
t. (+62 21) 7056 4869 | m. +62 822 9830 7475 | e.


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