ASEAN Youth Expo 2014 Tools Youth Towards Positive Change


The Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia invites movers and shakers of the youth movement all over Southeast Asia to expand and improve their knowledge and skills while forging connections and relationships with like-minded individuals  in this year’s ASEAN Youth Expo.

The international affair will be held from August 8 to 11 at the FX Sudirman, in the heart of the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The Indonesian Minister for Youth and Sports affairs, Dr. Roy Suryo Notodiprojo, will grace the event to answer any questions the media might have regarding the contents and motivations for pushing through with the event.

The Ministry has planned four days filled with opportunities for youth leaders to bond and exchange ideas with their peers. Activities like the Scavenger Hunt and Congklak (a traditional game for Indonesians) will give young leaders an opportunity to get to know and interact fellow figures from the different member nations of the ASEAN. The Cultural Night plans to introduce the delegates to the different ASEAN nations to foster camaraderie and a stronger connection in the area.

The exposition of youth talent also plans to broaden the youth’s knowledge with events like the Dream Catcher workshop and the Coffee Diplomacy activity the youth delegates will undertake. These activities plan to light a fire in the hearts of these delegates through intelligent ideas and discussions that will enlighten the youth regarding the problems surrounding their respective nations and the ASEAN as a region and an organization. Expos for opportunities on scholarship and careers will also help the youth shorten the gap that separates their countries.

The ASEAN and its member nations believe that the youth holds the key to a better ASEAN and a better world, and they hope that this year’s Youth Expo can help start the positive fire of change that will engulf the region in love, unity and understanding.

About the ASEAN Youth Expo

The ASEAN Youth Expo is in part of the Republic of Indonesia’s Preparation for welcoming the ASEAN community in 2015. The Expo aims to inspire, unite, and motivate their member nations’ youth to actions that will help foster the fulfillment of their dreams as ASEAN youth and unity across the region through different activities.

About the ASEAN

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established in Bangkok Thailand on August 8, 1967. There are 10 member states, all coming from the Southeast Asia region, that meet in order to discuss the betterment of their economies, regional peace, and diplomatic cooperation among them.



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