Do You Have a Passion for Writing? Join VOTY Online Today!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This quote is appropriate in the arduous yet worthwhile task of nation building. This also applies to the youth. Youth and inexperience are some of the most common denominators why people easily dismiss the youth as non-players in society, there are numerous avenues the youth can divulge in to become relevant players in society.

One is by becoming a Voice of the Youth Writer!

VOTY Online provides an opportunity for numerous young wordsmiths, broadcasters, leaders and youth advocates to band up under a single banner to promote national support, collaboration and recognition.

Interested? Read on to become a Voice of the Youth in your local area!

VOTY Writers as Part of the Youth Network

Voice Of The Youth Writers are VOTY Network members who undertake the heavy commitment of contributing content and ideas to the ever-growing Network through writing, coordination, and leadership in their communities and schools. VOTY Writers will drive the organization forward and keep VOTY members connected and updated with relevant information that each and every young person in the country are going through.

Each and every Writer will carry with them the pillars of change that the organization is aiming for:

  • Inspire the youth through enthusiasm, commitment, and sheer dedication
  • Inform the youth through shared resources and opportunities
  • Involve and engage members and partners that encourage collaboration and action

Writers will carry heavy but worthwhile responsibilities which will create a spark of change that will benefit themselves and the people that surround them.

Who Can Become VOTY Online Writers?

With the degree of responsibility a lot of of Writers handle, it is easy to assume that only the most extraordinary can do the task. However, you will be surprised to learn that a lot of our Writers are as young as you are: students and young adults who are dedicated into making themselves and their communities.

Taking on the title of VOTY Online Writer means a huge amount of time and energy spent towards pushing the thrusts of the organization. In exchange, they are given an avenue to resources and individuals where they can learn and spread information relevant to today’s youth. VOTY Online Writers will coordinate with peers from different parts of the country. This will help create a nationwide network of young leaders working together towards the betterment of the nation. Individuals who are interested in becoming Writers should send an email to or You may also accomplish this online form.

The Voice of the Youth has never been this resonating, and this is your chance to make a difference. Be inspired. Be informed. Be involved. Be the Voice of the Youth.


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