Princess Sarah Memes Go Viral

Craving for some fries and potato chips? Princess Sarah might be able to help you satisfy your cravings–through the potatoes she has peeled. Kidding.

“Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa” is a Tagalized animated series based on Frances Hogson Burnett’s novel The Little Princess. The said series was so famous in the 90’s. All of a sudden memes featuring its characters Sarah, Becky, Ermengarde, Lavinia, Miss Minchin, Peter, and even Captain Crewe have been so viral these past few weeks. Most of them have something to do with potatoes.


We are still unsure of how it all began and who started the craze. One of the theories is that it began when the Twister Fries had its comeback weeks ago. Many people were so excited about it resulting in increased sales. Then, someone made a meme about Sarah, who would have to peel more potatoes because of the twister fries craze.

Of course, people who grew up in the 90’s were able to get the joke immediately. Followers of the said series know how often Sarah was shown in the series peeling potatoes.

Anyway, here are some Princess Sarah Memes. (credits to Princess Sarah Memes page on Facebook).






Update: ABS-CBN is going to air the Tagalized show again starting on October 13. Kids who haven’t seen it yet (or anyone who cannot relate) still have a chance to watch the series.


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