10 Things You Can Do During the Sembreak

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  1. Fix your stuff. Gather your readings, used notebooks and papers, and organize them. Also, sort out the things you can still use and throw the ones that you won’t need anymore. Don‘t forget to recycle, too!
  1. Read the books you want. If you have been wanting to do some leisurely reading, then it is your chance. Get all the books you want to read for fun. Remember, you’ll have tons of academic readings again, when classes resume.
  2. Meet with your friends. Been busy these past few weeks because of school? Call and text your friends and set a bonding session with them. It’s also a great time to have reunions with your former classmates.
  3. Do some household chores. If you think you no longer know how to use a broom, it’s the perfect time for you to get hold of one again. Household chores are not just good forms of exercises, they’re also a great way to help people at home. Remember: It’s always nice to help your parents and siblings.
  4. Watch movies or series. Grab your movie and series list and try to watch everything while you still have the luxury of time. If possible, exchange movies with your friends. You may ask for other people’s recommendations, too, to widen your horizon.
  5. Try to cook awesome dishes. Tired of student meals? Satisfy yourself with well-prepared meals. Go online and look for cool recipes. You can also ask your mom or lola to teach you how to cook your favorite dishes.
  6. Get some sleep. If you’ve been sleep-deprived these past few months, this is the perfect chance for you to catch up. Be sure not to overdo it, though. Studies show oversleeping also has its negative effects.
  7. Bond with your family. Have you already missed lots of family gatherings because of school? It’s time to make up for those missed dates, then.
  8. Look for a job. No matter how simple it is, it’s still cool to have experience prior to graduation. You can also earn money and save up for your tuition this way. What a productive way to spend the semestral break, right?
  9. Be a volunteer. Do good things and spend your time wisely. Participate in volunteer works or be active in an organization. You may also opt to do some charity stuff and reach out to the needy ones.

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