NYC Holds Youth Consultation on the Anti-Hazing Law

Kapatirang Walang Karahasan

The National Youth Commission (NYC) held a youth consultation on the Anti-Hazing Law at the NYC office last October 15. Entitled “Kapatirang Walang Karahasan,” the said consultation aimed to involve the youth in the process of proposing amendments to Republic Act No. 8049, known as the Anti-Hazing Law.

Several youth organizations, fraternities, sororities, and implementing units attended the said event. They discussed the law in detail as well as the amendments proposed by the NYC. After that was the workshop, where each group was encouraged to give feedback on the amendments and give their recommendations.

Besides presentation of recommendations, there were also discussions on how to strengthen the campaign against hazing as well as how to end frat-related violence and other related matters.

NYC Chairperson Usec. Gio Tingson opened the consultation. Apart from him, Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila De Lima also attended the event. In a speech De Lima gave, she said that she was happy because of the NYC’s efforts to address such a pressing issue. She also emphasized how enough knowledge and transparency among organizations could help avoid pointless deaths and other forms of violence.

According to her, it was already an important first step in the fight against hazing. However, she was also aware that more things should still be done.  She said that the journey remains long and arduous, so they should do more.


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