The Pursuit of Understanding: What it Takes to be a Wallflower


I’ve always been curious of what it feels like to be behind walls, to lurk in the shadows, and what it takes to become a wallflower.

In order to draw out some conclusions, I decided to become a wallflower for a day. I sat alone quietly in our school’s hallways, ate alone, and remained silent for the rest of the day.

Apparently, we have mistaken our wallflowers for quite a long time now.

And so here are my observations:

  • They are not introverts; they are experts in the making.
  • They never frolic. Instead, they observe everything that surrounds them, specifically people.
  • They have more time for themselves.
  • They know how to act independently.
  • Their thoughts can be turned into ideas.
  • Their silence is their own form of resilience.

We have been used to society judging books by their covers, with that, we have forgotten that it is the latter that always matters.   We are living by a hierarchical pyramid that is highly based on social statuses and standards. We may deny it in forms of subjectivity, but then again, we are society.

I believe that it’s about time that our wallflowers get the opportunity to live their lives without being judged and misinterpreted, because not everyone has the capability to work hard in extreme silence and then make silence the noise of all their labors. I’ve tried lurking behind walls for a day, and I obviously don’t have what it takes.  Everyone has a vision; therefore we ought to act upon them in our own ways for they are our missions. Some people are always far from what they seem to be, instead of judging them, learn to understand them. There is always a deeper connotation in everything and in everyone.


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