The Christmas Bucket List

It’s that time of the year again,the time where bells are ringing, carolers are singing, and some are just at their humble abodes figuring out what to do for the holidays.

Our childhood has been based so much on the arrival of Santa Claus that as we got older, we have forgotten the real spirit of Christmas.

So I decided to make a bucket list on what we, especially us “youngsters” can do this Christmas.

1.) Dress up!

– Refrain from the usual t-shirt and jeans and try out a new look for yourself. 

2.) Try whipping up something sweet for the family.

–  There are now videos uploaded on YouTube for no-bake cakes, and 5 – minute desserts. 

3.) Attend mass.

– The only way to feel the Christmas spirit is to let Christ enter not just our homes, but our hearts as well. 

4.) Spread the love.

–  Love is not just a noun, but a verb as well.  The slightest action of goodness can and will go a long way. 

5.) Leave YOUR world for a while and enter the world that you’ve been MISSING.

Material things always come and go. But the memories that you build with the people whom you treasure the most are priceless and of course, irreplaceable as time passes by. The best gift that a person can ever give to anyone is his/her time, and that is given without a doubt. 

As I was typing the latter part of this article, I suddenly remembered a quote from RJ Palacio’s novel, Wonder. “Your deeds are your monuments.” I believe that this thought sums up everything I’ve written in this blog post.

Christmas only comes once a year, with that, we should at least try to keep in mind that our family members, friends, and loved ones only come once in a lifetime as well.

Happy Holidays!!


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