YOLO: 7 Things the Youth Can Do in Preparation for the Future


YOLO or You Only Live Once. This generation has put much value in enjoying life in a manner of wasting it, when one would rather go to clubs and parties, mess up in a socialite environment, and spend the money given to them by their parents on things that actually do not have a long-term benefit at all. To this attitude, they reason out that “you only live once.” Sadly, the phrase has a negative connotation, when it can actually be something to be pondered on, and a motto an individual can live for. Instead of wasting your life away, you can begin preparing for the future instead. It is better to start young than to start late, right? Being a part of the young generation, you are blessed with much time and energy which you can utilize to start building a bright future ahead.

What Can You Do?

1. Study.

Do not go gaga over those fairy tales or stories of young romance. True love can wait, as they say. You do not have to rush it. Instead, you must study hard, and focus on your ambitions in life. Nothing can beat that sense of fulfillment among students who have graduated with the course they have taken up, and have soon landed on the jobs they have envisioned to obtain before. When you’re old enough, there are least chances of going back to education. Though that could be possible, there are a lot of other things an adult person has to give attention to. That’s why until you can still take advantage of that gift of education you have, do it. You don’t lose anything by studying hard.

  1. Work on your talents and skills.

Enroll in workshops, or search for tips in the internet on how you can improve your talents and skills. There are also a lot of competitions out there where you can audition. Your academic performances are not everything. You need to work on your talents and skills which bring about your confidence. Develop your gift in singing, dancing, acting, painting, or even in sports. This is not just about recreation. In fact, you can make money out of it. And people would love to see you do more than your intellectual ability.

  1. Be a volunteer.

Do not let apathy take over us. There are a lot of people who need our help. Being more fortunate enough, take the responsibility of reaching out to them. This is the “selfie generation” where everything is about oneself. Defy that idea. Everyone needs to be loved, and cared for. If you can give financial support, then do not withhold that help from those who need it. But if you can’t, there are other ways to help such as going on medical missions, educating children, and building houses.

  1. Work part-time.

Companies often look for applicants who have experiences. It is good to work for part-time job opportunities as a student where you can apply the lessons you learn from the degree you are taking up. At least, once you graduate, you already have work experiences. Working also opens to you the reality of life that is beyond the four walls of your classroom. It lets you realize the value of hard work and commitment.

  1. Participate in global leadership trainings and programs.

There are opportunities inside and outside your country wherein you can learn a lot. You are encouraged to develop your full leadership potential within yourself by giving you chances to voice out your plans to solve some of the world’s crisis. Global leadership trainings and programs also broaden your horizon by immersing you into a multinational environment where you can grasp your differences with other citizens when it comes to language, culture, traits, and many more. With this, you are not limited to your own people. Participating in such activities equip you with the necessary tools to deal with different races with no barriers at all. You cannot expect that all your life, you’d be working with and working for people of same nationality with you.

  1. Open a bank account.

Start saving your money in the bank. It is better to place your money there than to be tempted to spend it whenever you see it in your wallet, or in your piggy bank. Saving is not only for the old. You have to start saving when you still don’t have much financial responsibilities, so when the time comes that you need to be spending big amounts, you know where to get it. Avoid buying unnecessary items. There are more matters in your life when money would play a very great role.

  1. Be an entrepreneur.

Do not just be a spender. Be creative enough to start a business of your own. While a part of your allowance goes to the bank, invest some of it on businesses. You do not actually need a degree before you can become an entrepreneur. It is your perk of being young to become innovative. Create something which you know would sell to other youth, or even older people, and make money from it. You might just see one day that you have collected great profit from it which you can use to expand your business, and become a distinguished businessman.

Stop wasting your resources. You only live once. Make the most out of it that could make your parents, your future spouse, your future children, your friends, and even you be proud of yourself.

There’s no other better time but NOW.


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