The Physics of Life

During the last few days of the New Generations Week, I was tasked to write a privileged speech. At first, my ideas were without a doubt, sprawling inside my imaginative sanctum.  That is why I decided to step out of my comfort zone to write about something that I never thought about before. Surprisingly enough, I ended up writing a privileged speech about Physics. As I was formulating my views, points, and ideas, I thought about how one unnoticed entity can and will go a long way. Up until now, I still haven’t discovered the purpose of my speech on what it wants to pursue and on what I want to pursue. But then again, as you get yourself together more and more every waking day, all you’ll ever need is perfect timing.

And of course, nothing beats starting today for a wholesome and relentless journey ahead. It has always been  a choice between now or never.

My speech goes as follows:

A pleasant afternoon to all!
A few days ago, I talked about math during my speech at Don Bosco Technical Institute. So for today’s session, I would be discussing about Physics. 
The concept of Physics always includes how things work and how they come to life. Be in it, Projectile motion, Gravitational force, and Inertia. But above all, this particular subject presents us with one important matter – everything happens for a reason.

This week, I was the Vice Mayor of Tarlac. I was given the chance to observe the whereabouts of our dear city. During our trips, I noticed some dilemmas that needed instant yet long – lasting solutions, it was by then that I realized that we don’t have to aim for a perfect city, instead, we should just aim for making the most out of everything that surrounds us for the greater good of everyone simply because you can never avoid the negatives in life. Come to think of it, without these negatives, we wouldn’t be the brave, resilient, and selfless Tarlaquenos that we are today.

But not just that, through my experiences in this program, my visions had changed. We may have dirty streets , a lack of resources, transparency, and social involvement, but then, our hopes are still held up high and we still continue to live for ourselves and for our community every single day in both inevitable and interminable ways that we all fail to notice. Being the Vice Mayor, I was able to appreciate the things that we have now, in which my appreciation has helped me to shape a better future for Tarlac and maybe for the rest of the world someday. As I always say, it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

My term as the Youth City Vice Mayor is almost up, but my willingness to devote myself to Tarlac still isn’t and is definitely far from being over – that, I can promise you. I have always believed that if you have a certain type of knowledge, you can already be somebody. The dogmas and lessons that I have garnered throughout the New Generations Week will not just be my own piece of personal property for these morals will be shared to all, especially to the youth, the catalysts of change.

My dear Tarlaquenos, I would like to give you six pieces of advice.

Live by the Physics of life, project yourself, leave your mark, keep your two feet on the ground, don’t let yourself drift away from what could possibly be, and never, ever resist the power of change because as I’ve mentioned earlier … everything happens for a reason.

So before I end my speech, I would just like to thank the Rotary Club of Central Tarlac and the City Government for placing my life in a more grounded place wherein I became the change that I have always hoped to be. I would also like to thank my fellow youth city officials especially Angela Romero and Aira Inalvez for making this adventure worthwhile. I am and will always be grateful for this once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you and Good Afternoon once again.

After our session I can honestly say that I began living with the words that I have said. From that moment on, I wanted to make sure that the same goes for everybody as well, especially for my fellow Filipino youth.

To shed some light on what truly matters, I made some explanations for the pieces of advice that I willingly gave.


 Imagine a feather and a rock falling down from a building with the exact same speed and the exact same time. It is the negativity of the world that brings us down without even us noticing it, but somehow seemingly, whenever a bad thing occurs, there is always a good thing on its way for us to discover. We can never predict on what’s going to happen next, but one thing is for sure, we will always have our choices on how we want to live. Never ask yourself “why?!”, instead, ask yourself “how?”



At least everyone in this world deserves a single standing ovation in their lives, as we are all granted the capability to overcome reality and defy the so –called ‘impossible.’ Imagine that you are in a movie theater, in spite of the darkness and the lights switched off, people still enjoy what they see, what they comprehend, and who they want to idolize. This only means that sometimes, the light just needs to be a little bit dimmer, so that we could get a closer look on everything that we have missed and on everything that is about to come. Just remember that stars cannot and will never shine without darkness.


During the New Generations Week, I was with a group of people whom I never met before, although some were family friends,most of them were really strangers. My main goal as the Youth City Vice Mayor was to inspire them, nothing more, nothing less. Fortunately, I have fulfilled my mission as planned. And that is when I realized that each and every one of us wants to leave his/ her mark, it’s not that we don’t know how; it’s just that we don’t want to try.  It’s time that you make the world go around, touch lives, and become a better version of yourself.


Why do you think gravity exists?  Well, maybe it’s suited to keep on us the ground because we can’t be on top all the time.  If we lose gravity while we are lost in our own skies, we might fall without anything to break it.  Stay humble all throughout your success and learn to be the gravity in our universe instead of defying it.


Chances are proofs that there are always some things bigger than our fears.  Think of all the examples given by your Physics professor, some of them seem impossible, some are even unfathomable. But then, everything that seems to cross the line easily always ends up with a probable or even a possible solution.  You may not see it, but as each day passes by, you are closer to where you need to be.  Be patient, dear caterpillar.


As they say, two is better than one, there is a reason why two substances are combined and that is to form something that is worth the stronghold of many. We may reject or even spite at the fact that we ought to grow and develop someday in which requires leaving some things behind. However, there is a huge amount of difference between leaving and moving forward to wider horizons. Sometimes, it’s all about a single leap of faith, we might not know about what is bound to happen, but if we do things rightly and wholeheartedly, we can never be wrong. Remember, without transmogrification, there’d be no butterflies.

My dear readers, let us all live by the Physics of life in order to be prepared for the ordeals that  fate has in store for us all. It may be hard to cope with, but as we begin to see that everything happens for a reason and that it is in these reasons that we can find ourselves to be entirely resolute, we can definitely go beyond what’s beyond. Learn to understand in order to point out your stand, because if we change, everything changes as well.



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