To become isn’t always a state of becoming and to change doesn’t deliberately imply that we are changing as well. Funny as it may seem, but this defines how fate transforms into a sad perfect instance that sooner or later we ought to be thankful for.

Just as an airplane comes crashing down, there will always be a reason to engage into another fight, to seek a new place, and to finally find our state of mind. Just as how a storm comes today without the possibility of raining forever, our failures can and will never define us. 

Say for example, you failed your dream university,  a catharsis will then occur but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing left in store for you. Yes, the future may be awfully scary as predicted but going back to the past and regretfully pondering on some things is the turn that you should never make, because then again, the road is always wide, opportunities coincide, and that is why we should never hide.

It’s all a part of human nature, failures, that is. Nevertheless, we should learn to accept  them instead of dwelling in them. Staying is most often a choice, but where does the adventure lie there? It’s either a happy ending or a sad one. Looking at a better view on both sides, they both have their worth.

Failures are never struggles, they are somewhat a form of acceptance of our imperfections in which makes us all human. Everything is not what it seems to be because you’ll never know what will happen, but at the same time, you actually do.  It’s definitely a confusing world and as far as confusion is concerned, then why would you focus on the complications of life if these dilemmas don’t even add to the manifold confusion that makes the world systematic and mobile?

Keep in mind that for every amount of sadness there is always an equal amount of happiness. Life is and has always been the wildest roller coaster.  Nothing is ever permanent because destiny continuously defies us, but as you close your eyes, never would see again the child that always cries, for you would see the child that fights.


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