International Neuro-ELT Conference in Baguio

Neuro ELT Conference

Baguio, Philippines. Hundreds of English as Second Language (ESL) teachers from all over the country filled the audio-visual room of Easter College in Baguio City for the International Neuro-ELT Conference, held on January 30, 31 and February 1. With its theme “Innovations in English Language Teaching: Combining the Best of English Language Teaching, Psychology, Education and Neuroscience,” the 3-day conference focused on giving ESL teachers the opportunity to learn about the emerging field of neuro-ELT and how it can be applied in the classroom.

Several experts in ESL teaching and neuroscience acted as plenary speakers on various topics such as cognitive theory, Mind-Brain-Education in ESL teaching, motivation in the classroom, the science of happiness, executive functions of the brain, strategies in promoting active class engagement and neuroscience for teaching children.

plenary speakers

The group of plenary speakers comprised of highly-acclaimed professors from different universities in Japan – Dr. Curtis Kelly, Professor Marc Helgesen, Professor Robert S. Murphy and his wife Professor Ai Murphy. Two plenary speakers are from the Philippines, Professor Pearl Ilustre and Dr. Leah Solmerin-Corpuz.

There were also teachers from different schools that led the “Book Talk” sessions, where each teacher was given 10 minutes to discuss their takeaway from a book related to ESL, neuroscience and education.

The conference is equivalent to 30 hours of the 120-hour TESOL Certification course.

The International Neuro-ELT Conference was organized by International TESOL Education and Consultancy Corporation (ITECC) and Teachers of ESL Association (TESLA) Philippines.


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