Model Adamsonian: A Volunteer at Heart

Model Adamsonian: A Volunteer at Heart


When we think of today’s youth, we usually imagine young people glued to their phones, either taking a selfie or chatting the day away. We would label them as notorious, wild, and self-centered. What we fail to realize is that today’s youth are the future movers and shakers of our society, and they are just as eager as we are to make positive social change. Today’s youth wants to be involved and are willing to contribute their time and effort as volunteers.

Radio KabataanMeet Elaine, a 4th year graduating Communication Arts student in Adamson University. Not only is she doing well in school, but she’s also keeping herself busy volunteering for various advocacies, especially for the youth. In 2014, Elaine became a member of Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY), a volunteer youth organization that aims to inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino youth through media and ICT. VOTY was founded in 1996 by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – veteran voice artist, experienced radio broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate and highly sought-after motivational speakers. With over 100,000 members and 25 radio programs all over the country, VOTY is all about encouraging young people to believe in themselves in creating positive social change.

Through VOTY, Elaine was given the venue to deepen her passion for volunteer work. She became one of the hosts of Radio Kabataan, one of VOTY’s radio program which airs on DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio where she became known as “Miss Comm Arts”. It was through the show that she had an opportunity to express herself and share her thoughts and ideas on issues affecting the youth. She also volunteers on weekends to teach out-of-school kids in less-fortunate areas in Metro Manila. And just recently, she started doing motivational talks to her fellow communication students in Southern Luzon State University’s Youth Media Summit last March 8, 2015.

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Let young volunteers like Elaine serve as an inspiration to all young people who would like to make a difference in the society. You don’t need to wait to finish school in order to contribute to the society. The best time is always NOW.


Congratulations Ms. Comm Arts! You’re VOTY Family is so proud of you!


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