Justice is the Real Hero

Shots are fired and yet no one, not even a single soul, has been wounded by the bullets. Is this the life that we have been living? A life that puts priority in the majority instead of propagating equality? I believe that life is never unfair to anyone simply because it is unfair to everyone. But even if we endure and encounter an infinite number of dilemmas and blows, we can still have justice whenever we need it and most especially when we deserve it.

Nowadays, justice is something that we can no longer give ourselves and others freely. It is common that people fight for justice, that they know their rights better than anyone else. People nowadays believe so much in limitations and that is why, during Mary Jane Veloso’s execution, the whole world was begging even just through hash tags to stop the morbid plan of the Indonesian government.

Now, while some people were arguing about the one that should be blamed – the Philippine government, that is. I only had one particular thought in mind. In the case of Veloso, one simply does not need an appeal to get justice, one just needs a heart-a heart that will decide for itself, a heart that will take into consideration that everything always has a bigger side – a bigger side that certainly contains more truths than facts.

I am not implying that every crime or issue should be resolved through the means of human pity and mercy; I am just implying that in everything we do, whether it involves legalities and whatnot, we should always think twice. Think twice because we can never be so sure, think twice before we proceed with the so-called truth, and think twice because we never know whose life are we putting at stake – a mother of two, perhaps? Do we still have to continue living like this? Living with the cliché thought that once people are deprived of something, they have the tendency to bend around rules just to make ends meet. I believe that this has to stop, I believe that even in the littlest mistakes, justice should still prevail.

And fortunately enough, her life was spared.

Nothing lasts forever. We are all born on a specific day, and then we all get buried on the same ground. With life being dispensable and unpredictable at the same time, should we, even in the worst circumstances, disregard the sanctity of the life that was bestowed upon us? Shots are fired. We tend to avoid the bullets in every possible way, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, we will all be buried in the same ground anyway. So why should we let anyone die in cold blood? We need justice. Let it be for the majority or the minority.


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