Voice Care for Teachers Workshop in Imus Cavite

On May 12, 2015, the Voice Care for Teachers workshop was conducted for 30 teachers of Harrell Horne Integrated School in Imus, Cavite.

IMG_0420The day started with a 30-minute devotion, a daily ritual of the school, led by Pastor Jenet Damaso. The first half of the one-day workshop was facilitated by Ada Cuaresma, Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director. The morning session started with a discussion on the importance of voice in teaching, and also outlined the different factors and reasons why the teacher’s voice is valuable yet often overlooked. The main part of the morning session was the lesson about how voice is produced. Numerous exercises accompanied the lecture so that the participants get to “experience” the process of producing voice on a conscious level.


IMG_0610The afternoon session opened with another interactive lesson on “vocal workout”. The teachers were given a set of warm up exercises which support the organs involved in voice production. From stretching to vocalization, the teachers had a quick energy boost following the lunch break. The session was followed by two hours of voice acting workshop, led by DJ Andrew San Fernando. He taught the participants the skills and techniques needed to create character voices and play with the different elements of the voice such as pitch and tempo. These voice acting skills can be used by teachers to become more effective and engaging in teaching, especially in the 21st century learning.


The 1-day Voice Care for Teachers workshop concluded with an action planning session, so that the teachers get to apply what they learned from the workshop in their everyday teaching.



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