“Becoming lesser of me”: Of self-assessment

photo credits: http://abhishekshilpa.blogspot.com/2013/10/you-have-to-live-till-you-die-so-why.html
photo credit: The Phoenix Blogspot

“I become lesser and lesser of me every day. That’s compared to everyone else.”

Comparison can be a deadly word for some. What it feels like to live everyday as a soul teeming with insecurities is terrible as we know it. The thin line between being meek and lacking self-confidence is a frizzy hair strand. The worse feeling is creating a virtual social pyramid and deciding to situate oneself even far below the lowest rank. This case of uncertainty seemed to appear almost similar to mid-life crisis except that middle-aged professionals have already proved something for themselves and you, as a young person, think you haven’t yet.

“There wasn’t much of building me up as a kid. Now, I feel lost as a young adult…”

We’ve been through this classic recipe: nature + nurture = YOU. Now, imagine what happens if the one of the factors gets underscored during the process of early growth. Yes, it’s a rhetorical statement. However, most of the time, it seems that the obvious matters are the most undervalued ones.

That’s why quantity is often regarded when spelling experiences. The more you face or encounter tricky life situations, the more your quality as a person is defined and moulded with such great foundation. And no matter how you get used to this saying as a cliché, still, experience is and will always be the best teacher.

“I lack that very experience… like I lived in a cave.”

As youth, we live in a crucial stage between settling beyond teenage years and less of adulthood. Whoever and whatever we hold responsible for feeding us with knowledge yesterday is not supposed to be the key issue. While this blame-game is not even appropriate to note, many still find themselves deliberately wondering who and what fell short for them (which is a very pessimistic trait). Meanwhile, lucky for those whose environment was suitable enough to hone their skills as kids –  for those who unfortunately lurked in the shadows of a dreary surrounding, what could have been done? What can still be done?

Let’s face it, within our generation breeds incontestably high-spirited youth. We can’t be too naïve not to acknowledge the truth that this is a fast-pacing technological age. We have always been on the perimeter of seeking out that fittest place in the society where we could smoothly manoeuvre and point our strengths toward own advantages – a competitive instinct is sign of a progressive lifestyle. Someone who is courageous enough to convert his/her deepest fears and weaknesses into something productive has a good skill that can save him/her from life’s ‘pitfalls’.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

-Henry Ford

At the end of the day, nobody says it’s ever too late to strive for betterment, anyway. The good news is that we have faith – faith in ourselves. We ask why this and that is. We speak hunger for learning as much as others do. We are not happy being less of us. The mere fact that we actively recognize these ‘lacking’ as ‘problems’ and assess our place in the society significantly mean one thing, we ought to value ourselves for what it is truly worth.

Now that’s something to be proud of.


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