Still Screened

When you’re a writer, you should learn how to carefully observe things, get their meanings, and transform your thoughts into words.

Earlier today, I was sitting at a restaurant that was known as a family restaurant. While I was waiting for the food to come, I had the slightest observation – everyone in the restaurant was using their phones, or whatever gadget they had in hand – A shocking realization suddenly came to me, and so I wondered, are there still enough places to be and are there still enough people to be with?

Technology has become prevalent in our society, thus making us all think that a touch screen can certainly touch our lives more than actual people can. Whenever we decide to just bum out all day, we grab our phones, tweet the day away and then open our Facebook accounts as if reaching out was already gone with the wind.

When our food was already served, I spotted some people taking pictures of their food. I do have to admit that I sometimes do the same and then I would upload the picture to my Instagram account. However, even if it does not take effect immediately, this should at least be controlled – our attachment to things that won’t give us their 100 % even for just an hour. We should try to spend more time with our families, enjoy the outdoors, and mind our own lives even just for a while.

There might be an abundant amount of wireless fidelity all around us, but it is most certainly not the only thing that can connect us. We, as people can connect ourselves with other people. We do not need to tell the entire world what we are eating or what we are doing because it would be much better if we do these things personally without the screen in front of us and without our followers watching our every move.

I am not saying that we should forget about our social lives, it is already a part of us as 21st century denizens. However, I would like to reiterate that it is only a minimal part, wherein the minimum does not overlap the maximum. My only wish for this generation is to see them actually eat with their families, appreciate the greener side of the grass, and understand that happiness does not come from a single touch, but from a hundred and worthwhile experiences. The gadgets might still be in our hands, but so is the life that we have been missing out on, there would always be places to go to  and people to be with as well.


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