Lack Attacks: 5 Study Hacks for Every Student

School days are back and mixed emotions are all out, some might actually look forward to discovering new things as they enter a whole new year level while some might still hold on to the season of summer.  Howbeit, school does not have to be generally boring all the time, it does not have to go with the same flow of teaching and understanding. As students, it is and will always be up to us to maximize our time and make the most out of the quality education that our parents have worked hard for. Studying can be enjoyed, trust me.

Here are 5 study hacks that you can habitually use whenever you feel lethargic or stressed out:

1.) Goal setting

It is important to know what you’re aiming for, in that way, you won’t get confused and you won’t be forced to throw your books away once you can’t understand your lessons. Try to make color coded reminders or a bucket list of the things you need to do and the things  you want to accomplish. Reminding yourself everyday always has its benefits.

2.) Know your limits

Our video game consoles and handheld devices might be easier to grab once we get home, but then again, we always have to keep our priorities straight. I say, complete all your school-related tasks within an hour and a half and then enjoy yourself for a while before hitting the hay.

3.) The” Lazy Day Sunday”

With school requirements hindering us from socializing during weekends, you should at least give yourself a break. Finish all your school work during the first 6 days of the week and then take the Sunday off. Spend the day at the mall, play your favorite sport, or go on a food trip. It’s your day, it’s your call.

4.) Bribe yourself

When I was taking up review classes in Manila, I always kept in mind that after I successfully hurdle every simulation exam, I  would  immediately go to Dairy Queen and buy myself a huge cup of ice cream. You should always treat yourself every once in a while, most especially when your exams are over.

5.)  Learn to love your subjects

I know it’s not that simple to appreciate concepts that aren’t thoroughly explained, but the best way to overcome the dilemma of hating a certain subject is by learning to love it, knowing its benefits and playing with it. You can always make your own way of understanding things. Back in my junior year, I wrote a song in order to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements. It sounds weird, but it was worth it.  Boosting your creativity = higher chances of developing study habits.

So there you go, have a great school year everyone!


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