Of Better Lives and Bigger Dreams: Angelo Casimiro

Some might say it’s been a good life, but for some, life itself is only just beginning.

Progress nowadays is an entity that we have been weighing on the wrong scale, the idea of buildings soaring up high and cars travelling faster than the speed of light has corrupted our minds of what truly matters and what we truly need in our generation.  Moving forward together with the things that have been innovated through the power of advancement may seem like the American Dream for just about everyone, but if you weigh things on a scale that determines the weight of certain needs by measuring them with practicalities and priorities, you ought to see that in today’s hard reality, we are in dire need of redefined people… we are in need more of “Angelos.”

Angelo S. Casimiro is a seventeen- year- old inventor who recently graduated from Elizabeth Seton School.  He has been tinkering with simple nuts and bolts all his life; he started engaging himself in electronics when he was about four years old with his grandfather as his guide and inspiration.  He also takes an interest in photography and travelling around the world.

As the years went by, Casimiro has leveled up his game as he began joining competitions in the field of robotics and electronics.  In last year’s Google Science Fair, he turned a simple pair of shoes into an efficient power bank. His other inventions are mostly eco-friendly, just like the Water Powered Flashlight and the DIY Mini Solar Car that he has created.

For this year’s Google Science Fair, Casimiro decided to invent something that was somewhat related to his chosen course in De La Salle University- Manila. He has always dreamed of becoming either a doctor or an engineer. His course, which is BS Physics with specialization in Medical Instrumentation, has provided him with the best of both worlds. There’s no stopping him now, for with the knowledge he is about to gain and with the determination that he has earned all throughout his struggles as a young inventor, he will soon the change the world in a blink of an eye.

Going back to his entry, Casimiro presented the “HealthBand” as his final product.  The HealthBand is a digital health monitoring system specifically designed for people who are at the risk of dying from fatal heart diseases; it is basically a smartwatch that can be connected to other devices. The data gathered by the monitor can be accessed by a patient’s trusted doctors and a few relatives, once the patient’s vital signs are deemed to be weak, the HealthBand will immediately prompt a call to those who have access to the patient’s records, if the patient does not respond within a few seconds, there is a chance that he/she might be unconscious or even dead. When this unlikely event occurs, the HealthBand will instantly give the receiver exact GPS coordinates to where the patient is exactly located.

Some might say that people who are involved in the field of technology only think about their innovations without considering the environmental factors that their inventions might have.  Casimiro begs to disagree with this thought, he personally thinks that technology isn’t the key to a brighter future because he believes in happiness and contentment more than anything else – his mission as an inventor does not focus  on making things known and handheld,  but rather on making gadgets eco – friendly and renewable as to benefit people and of course, mother nature.  If we can’t change the scenario that has destroyed so many parts of the vast earth we live in, then the best thing we can do is to make use of what we have now and what we have left.

We may live in a world wherein anything can be obtained by a single swipe, touch, or press – that’s why it always seemed like a good life. But if we were to have more “Angelos” in our midst, we ought to have people who would think outside, inside, and without the box, people who would understand what our world needs, and people who would use their driving passions as a means to contribute to our entire race. We can’t just settle for a good life, because as long as there is an abundance of Angelos now and then, striving for betterment is and will always be our only choice.




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