Fan (Non) Fiction: What We Learned about Online Shopping

electric fan

Our housemates Ato and Je decided to move their beds outside the only bedroom in our shared apartment. Ato also had to move his electric fan (we used to share since we were just staying in one room), leaving Eboy and I with no fan to use. Having realized this, we decided to purchase our own fan.

“What if we just buy online?” I asked Eboy.

“Sure!” He agreed.

Apart from the fact that we were too lazy to go to the mall or supermarket to buy an electric fan, we were also curious about the whole online shopping thing. For years, we have been seeing advertisements of all these online shops and we haven’t even tried to purchase anything from any of them. We were also new to PayPal, so we were eager to try it with online shopping.

Excitedly, we surfed the net and ended up on the page of a famous online store. We searched for electric fans and looked for one that looked promising. We were able to find one, and we were instantly hooked to it because it carried a famous brand. Also, we thought it looked decent enough.

In no time, Eboy was able to check out, input payment details, and confirm the payment. We were so happy and still really excited. We felt so mature for having completed our first online purchase.

Yet, things changed when we realized that we would have to wait for six to seven days to get the product.

“Really? Why?” I asked. “We should have just gone to the mall to buy one, like later or tomorrow.”

Well, how would we know if we did not read through the site? We did not even bother to investigate on how many days it would usually take for an item to get shipped to its destination. Now, it was too late.

That was only the beginning of the frustration. A week passed and we were able to get the order. We were both dumbfounded when we got it.

“I was expecting a bigger box,” said Eboy.

“I was also expecting the same thing. Like, you know, the usual electric fan box,” I replied.

To our surprise, the box was as small as a regular-sized cake’s box.

Again, we were shocked. It was the expectation-versus-reality sort of moment, yet it wasn’t the online store’s fault. It was ours. We did not check the specs of the product before purchasing it. We did not take a look at how big or small it was. We were too complacent because it looked okay and it carried a famous brand.

Having experienced this, we realized that online shopping was indeed easy. Because of its convenience, though, it was also too easy to commit mistakes in relation to this. In one click, one could easily pay for something. You can confirm purchase of a product and sad to say, most of the time, this action could no longer be undone.

Now if you’re going to ask us what we learned about this experience of ours, our answer would be very simple: Think before you click. Be a wise consumer. Know all the necessary details before you confirm purchase. Otherwise, you might just end up wasting money.

Also, do not be too dependent on online shopping. In our case, things could have been better if we just chose to buy an electric fan from the mall, on the same day. We could have avoided the waiting game.

electric fan

PS. Our small electric fan isn’t so bad, though. But of course, we could have gotten something better, had we been more careful.


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