When the Sky is No Longer the Limit: YouLead’s First – Ever Project

When it comes to urban cities, we typically see several, converging roads, colorful town houses, fast crowds approaching, and sadly, a dark sky. These may all seem normal since we are all down below and the sky is just another limit for us. But now, as a new morning has dawned upon the Youth Leaders of Tarlac – the sky, without a doubt, is no longer the limit.

Tarlac, being both a city and a province, requires both the eyes and hearts of every citizen in order for it to become a place suited for everybody’s needs and for everybody’s satisfaction. Fortunately enough, even at the youngest age of maturity, the members of YouLead were able to notice the dilemmas that have always held our hometown and its people back to square one.

The issues that have surrounded us ever since time immemorial are nothing compared to what we have read in history books and what we have watched in movies. We only have simple problems that come with simple solutions. Believe it or not, all of us, and I mean literally every single constituent of Tarlac, whether coming from the city or the province, can ultimately contribute to the immense power of change…the brilliance of metamorphosis and its ineffable capacity to divert us to a road that’s a little bit rougher, but will lead us to a “someday” that’s a little bit brighter.

With that said, the organization aforementioned above is and will always be here to make waves.

After having an orientation last June 20, 2015, the members have kept their word as they kick started their very first clean up drive yesterday at the city plaza of Tarlac. They also cleaned some parts of F Tanedo.  This, however, wouldn’t be possible without the help of their beloved city government since the city’s environmental office agreed to lend them cleaning materials.

When you ask people, most especially teenagers, to clean up and organize things, they would usually hesitate at first and then gather up a little bit of lethargy that will soon lead to unwanted procrastination. During the activity, these youngsters didn’t even have the slightest urge to hesitate and slack off all the charitable acts that they planned to do. From then on, until the activity was over, we had spotted something very significant and momentous that had transpired in the middle of everything: there was already something different in every member, and it was the good kind of different that would slowly but surely make a big difference in our thoroughgoing reality.

It was also surprising that these teenagers were willing to sweep off even the most disgusting type of garbage you’ve ever seen – leftover food, cigarette butts, and plastics that were found stuck in the street’s drainage system.  After two hours of hard work and pure dedication, the members sat down together with their respective groups and continued to plan their future activities.

Who knew that sitting in a café would bring about unexpected experiences? While the members of YouLead were enjoying the view of what they had cleaned, several street children suddenly  approached them and asked for alms. Without prejudice and judgment, every group gave these beggars what they were deprived of all throughout their young years. Some gave food, while some spared some of their coins. Somebody even offered to take them to DSWD, (Department of Social Welfare and Development) but the beggars disagreed.

Before calling it a day, they all smiled at each other to remind themselves that they are more than just teenagers – they are now servant-leaders.

Maybe there’s something more to every sunrise, or maybe, there’s something more to what we have been waking up to ever since day one. It would take more than just a day to repair everything that’s considered as irreparably broken, but now, maybe there will be such a thing as a good morning – a clearer sky, perhaps. Who knows?


NEVER ALONE.  Here are the youth leaders as they work hand in hand to propagate cleanliness in our city’s plaza. 


GIVE IT A LITTLE MUSCLE. Sometimes, a little effort, will go a long way.


KEEN EYE.  It’s not about being a perfectionist; it’s about giving it your all.


BEATING THE HEAT.  Maybe a bit of goodness can end the drought. 


ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. As the famous line goes: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”


A HAND FOR ANOTHER HAND.  Here’s to binding the hope of tomorrow in all means possible. 


SOMEDAY.  With a few more projects, our streets, and perhaps our world, would become cleaner than ever. 


FINALLY.  It’s  amazing how fast our efforts are reaped. 

You can find out more about YouLead Tarlac by liking their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/youleadtarlac?fref=ts

To know more about how the idea for the organization was formed, click this link: lifestyle.inquirer.net/192403/seaylpies-out-to-change-the-world/






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