Part-Time Jobs You Can Have While Studying

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Are you a struggling student? Don’t worry; you are not alone. I myself was known for being a certified raketera during my undergrad days (and I still am, actually). Since we didn’t have enough money for tuition and daily expenses at school, I had to look for several part-time jobs.

Now, you may be asking, “Seriously? I don’t even think I can find a job at this age!” Well, you are wrong. There are, in fact, several rakets or part-time jobs you can have while studying.

Here are some of them:

1. Student Assistant

When you are working as a student assistant, you can be assigned in the library or the records section, where you will help fellow students find things they need. As far as I know, there are also other things student assistants do, depending on the university or college he or she enrolled in.

One of the best things about being a student assistant is that you can earn money even while at the comfort of your own school. It may not pay that much, but it won’t require you to commute elsewhere, which is very convenient. You won’t have any trouble with your schedule, too, because student assistants are usually required to submit a copy of their class schedules. They are also required to report during their vacant periods. In some cases, student assistants are also allowed to read stuff for school during their idle moments in their duty.

2. Tutor

This is, actually, one of my favorites. Apart from spending time with lovely children, tutoring will also give you an opportunity to be refreshed with some lessons that really matter–both at school and in real life. In my case, tutoring allowed me to become more familiar with English grammar and usage. It was a perfect for me, since I majored in creative writing. I was also able to teach other subjects like Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Filipino (Language and Literature), and Social Sciences (History and Economics), which was really cool. After all, it is great to know about lots of things–even those that are beyond your specialization.

It also helped boost my confidence, especially when dealing with students and parents. No wonder, I didn’t have a hard time adjusting when I started teaching in a regular school. I also learned how to be more patient.

What’s really awesome about tutoring is that isn’t as physically tiring as other part-time jobs. You can even do it online! Although, of course, you need to know a lot of things for you to become a tutor. You shouldn’t get tired of learning and re-learning, which may mean going back to some stuff you had in high school or grade school. Patience and positive attitude are also a must. As a tutor, you have to be encouraging, too.

3. Content Writer or Editor

According to the greatest digital marketing gurus of today, “Content is King.” Believe them; they are not joking.

In the Philippines alone, there are already a lot of digital marketing firms that are serving companies from all around the world, including the US and Canada, of course. While a lot of these firms hire full-time content writers and editors, there are also those that hire part-timers. Usually, part-time writers work from home and at the time of their convenience. After all, content writing and editing companies are result-oriented most of the time. They do not care about how you work or what time you do the writing as long as you meet the deadlines and you produce quality articles.

If you do not want to working for a particular company, you can be a freelancer. Create an account in various websites that connect freelancers to clients. Be careful with your transactions, though. Make sure your rights as a freelancer are protected. Also, do your homework. Better your writing. Be careful and patient; do not forget to proofread. Always turn in an awesome copy to build your credibility as a freelancer and to improve your portfolio as well.

4. Graphic Artist

If you are into Photoshop and other similar applications, this raket may be for you.

Like in content writing and editing, you can do this while being connected to a specific company or as a freelancer serving multiple clients at a time. Sure, this will also force you to keep up with the latest trends in graphics design, as well as the sensibilities different people and company have. Your taste will be tested, too, as you are no longer designing stuff for yourself or for your own consumption. Instead, you are creating designs for other people and it’s a good warm-up for the real world.

5. Social Media Manager

A lot of companies are now getting crazy over social media. It’s basically where most people are, so they have to be there, too. However, not all companies can afford full-time employees who can take care of their social media pages every day. As a result, they hire part-timers.

You may think, “Wow, I am going to get paid by using Facebook!” Well, that sounds really fun. But oh, please do not forget that as a social media manager, there are a lot of things you should learn about. Take advantage of the resources available online!

6. Service Crew

This is a classic. Yes, it is also very challenging. Just imagine serving different kinds of people several hours per day. It can also be tiring, since it requires physical movement. Responsibilities also vary, ranging from waiting tables to keeping the restroom clean. Patience is also a must in this job.

Yet, no matter how difficult it may seem, this part-time job remains to be a gem because it allows young people to learn a many things at a time–how to deal with people, how to handle pressure, how to move quickly but carefully, how to provide excellent customer assistance, and a lot more. It can also be done by people who may not be into online stuff.

Finding a part-time job can be difficult, especially if you are a first-timer. Just be patient and remain strong and you’ll find the right raket eventually. When you find it, be sure to do well. Don’t simply look at your job as a mere opportunity to “rehearse” things for the real world. It is the real world!

Most of all, find beauty in it. It may be difficult, but instead of focusing on its tough side, try to appreciate the learning opportunity it offers. Think of how it can help build your character.


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