The Happy Pills


Public services are usually seen as something useful and well, inevitable. Our society today revolves around three types of people: those who see things, those who think about the things they’ve seen, and those who actually do something about it. We can all say that we have a rising economy in both national and local levels that aspires to give everybody what they deserve and what they long for – projects like medical and dental missions have been launched to do so. We might think that missions like these only contain long lines and endless rants. Hence, the Youth Leaders of Tarlac (YouLead Tarlac) added a twist to their participation in a two-day medical mission within the areas of  San Isidro and San Miguel by becoming the cure or should I say, “Happy pills” themselves.

The Youth leaders were assigned in three different sections. Some became dental assistants and crowd controllers while some helped in the distribution of antibiotics. It was mind-blowing how quickly these teenagers were able to cope with such complicated measures. Despite the hot weather, and the unexpected increase of people in dire need, they managed to replace the sadness with happiness and the pressure with fervor.

As a matter of fact, there was an abundant number of aspiring doctors in the group.

The crowd controllers noticed that most of the patients were senior citizens, this touched their hearts even more. With their bones so crippled and their muscles weakened due to the passing of time, these senior citizens were still hoping to be cured – or at least be medically advised. Come to think of it, we should be the ones fighting; we should be the ones who are willing. Even without seeing that scenario, we should try to draw strength from them.

The members even entertained some of the patients by means of fanning them, playing with them, and by just simply smiling at them. One of the members even met this blind woman, and thanks to that, her voice and her hidden sentiments were finally said.

The cause of the woman’s blindness was her multiple jobs. It was a tragic thing to hear, for everyone, even those who are cruel to the world, deserves to experience reality and see what everyday is like. She will never be healed, she will never get her vision back, and yet she still managed to give a heavenly smile back to the members, especially when they gave her food to eat.

After clearing the vicinity, the members played with the kids and even took pictures with them. Other than that, the members also gave some nursery students some snacks.

Heroes today are considered as a rare breed; fortunately, happy pills are not. In this zigzagged road we call “life,” these teenagers were able to give them a detour or an alternate route. And if given the opportunity, we should at least try to walk with them.

Here is the event in pictures:


Ena Dela Cruz

Riva Donia C. Tadi

Lian Angara

Rico Zarraga


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