5 Things Youth Volunteers Will Surely Understand

Photo credits here
Photo credits here

The world is such an awesome place because of volunteerism. Because of volunteers, there are people who are willing to do things without expecting for anything in return. Despite the increase of crime rates in some areas, we can be assured that there are still people who never get tired of serving others genuinely and selflessly. Sure, among these kind-hearted people are actually youngsters.

Now, here are some things youth volunteers will understand:

1. It’s not about the money.

Volunteerism is not for people who just want to get rich. When you are a volunteer, you are devoting your time, energy, and even resources to push your advocacy and help people in need. After all, the smile you put on other people’s faces are priceless. Also, knowing a difference that somehow, you are making a difference in other people’s lives.

2. It’s not for credentials.

Being a volunteer does not mean joining a non-profit organization to add an item to the resume you are building. Neither it is a one-time thing you are saying yes to. Instead, it is a commitment you are making. It may also mean being ready to support a series projects that are related to the advocacies you believe in.

3. Time management is the key.

One of the biggest challenges every youth volunteer faces each day is being faced with a long list of task he or she has to complete. This may be difficult at first, especially to those who have gotten used to minding only their studies and their own little worlds as teenagers but with proper time management, things can be easier. Same thing goes for youth volunteers who are already working. After all, if there’s a will, there will always be a way.

4. Age is just a number.

Other people may tell young volunteers, “You are still too young. What can you do to change the world?” The thing about youth volunteers is that they don’t promise to change the world the way superheroes do. They have to strike a balance and manage their time and resources to be able to serve in their own little ways, so they really can’t promise to improve the world overnight. But you see, they are doing something. No matter how many times other people tell they them about their limitations, they still hold on to their principles and focus on the cause. After all, age is just a number.

5. There is joy in working with like-minded people.

When you are part of a volunteer organization, there is a higher probability that you’ll work with people who are as serious as you are when it comes to service. As mentioned earlier, this scene is not for those who want to get rich or the ones who just want to add something to their CVs. People here are really into helping others without expecting anything in return. It may be too helpless and it is not easy, but it brings a kind of joy you won’t easily find elsewhere.

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Photo credits here.

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