JUST DO IT! (Or How to Pursue Your Dreams ft. Shia LaBeouf)

Shia LeBeouf wants you to JUST DO IT!
Shia LeBeouf wants you to JUST DO IT!

Shia LaBeouf is the last person you’d expect to star in an internet meme, but he was making people crack and inspired with his extremely motivational video. He was standing in front of a green screen, in all his bearded and braided glory, flexing his muscles, and telling people to just do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. It has become quite a sensation online, with people inserting the the video below to different films and scenarios. To see his adrenaline-filled, arm-flexing motivational speech, click below:

Shia is probably pissed at a world full of disillusioned procrastinators who do nothing to reach their end goals in life or has drunk too much Red Bull before the video was shot (it’s probably the latter), which drove him to making this video. Even though the delivery is testosterone-filled and somewhat comical, he has touched on something that concerns all of us. He talked about our dreams, passions, and aspirations. He wants us to get out of our comfort zones, flex those muscles, and gun for our dreams.

Each one of us have this ideal situation in our heads where we make our dreams a reality and live the kind of life that we have always wanted. Some may have simple, concrete, and achievable dreams, while others have outlandish aspirations that may cause other people to call us crazy. Some of us might want to be a librarian, while others want to become the first president of the entire world. Shia is sharing a wonderful message we can all use: stop sitting around and do everything to make your fantasy life real.

The one thing that Shia didn’t discuss in the video, however is this: How the heck are we going to achieve it? We all know that there’s no definite manual on winning at life, and we all hate uncertainties. We also don’t know the winning recipe in life, but we can give you pointers to get started. Shia’s willing to help, too.

Do Your Research

Shia reading
Shia’s reading to make his dreams come true.

You may know things other don’t about your passion, but that’s not enough for you to achieve your dreams. You must read, read, and read. Learn everything there is to learn about your aspirations. You must arm yourself with relevant knowledge to prepare you for the long task of conquering the hurdles that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

For example, if you are a singer, learn the science that happens behind the technical stuff. Listen to different genres of music and take note of the intricacies and quirks of famous musicians. Our friend Shia, on the other hand, attends workshops, and keeps on reading various materials to broaden his mind and improve his craft as an actor and motivational speaker.

Work on It!

Shia LaBeouf Exercising
Shia is working out to achieve his goals. Do the same on yours! (Wearing purple sweats optional)

Knowing your craft is one thing. Actually doing it is another thing altogether. You have to keep on doing what you love if you want to make it a big part of your life. If you want to become a professional basketball player, you have to keep on shooting hoops, do the drills, and clock in the work. No successful person in the world will ever tell you that they got where they are right now by sitting in a corner and hoping that the dice will fall in their favor.

I mean, look at Shia. The man already has a lot of films and shows under his filmography, kissed a lot of pretty girls onscreen, won several awards, and he is still working to keep his body and mind sharp for his work. The guy is a model for all of us.

Chill With the Cool (and Right) People

Shia and friends
Shia with his equally successful friends. Make your circles as dynamic as his!

No man is an island, and the human need for companionship is all the more important for your pursuit of happiness. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are driven to reach goals that are similar to yours can make the entire chase more bearable and fun. These people will earnestly listen to you vent out your frustrations, celebrate your success, and give you concrete and unbiased advice to help you succeed. Think of it like going to the gym: working out with your best buddies is a thousand times better than sweating and grunting it out alone.

Shia knows and understands the need of a supportive and competitive network of people in his life as an actor. His family and friends always challenge him to be better at what he does best: acting. Look at his picture alongside his fellow cast members. They all look so happy and unified.

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams!

Focused Shia
Shia will not give up on his dreams, so don’t give up on yours.

There will be many people who will try to bring you down. They will say that you made the wrong choice. They will jeer at all of your choices. They will question your preferences, your dreams, and your entire self will be put under an unfair microscope that magnifies every single wrong that you have done. They will tell you that you simply cannot do it.

Don’t listen to these people. They don’t understand just how much joy and energy doing what you love gives to you. Block them out and keep on working on your dreams. Stand up after you trip. Brave through the flames and come out stronger. Believe that if you work hard enough, you will reach success.

Look at our friend Shia. People have been jeering at his newest meme for countless of hours. They belittle his talents as an actor because of his horrible performance at the last Transformers movie he was in. They forget that he actually won an Emmy and a BAFTA for his craft.

And look at the man! He’s focused and determined to prove the haters wrong. He knows that he’s got what it takes to make his dreams come true. He will keep on pushing it until he reaches the pinnacle of acting success.

If Shia can do that, so can you.

You Go, Bro!

Chasing for your dreams is a big decision for anyone, and it will test every fiber of your being. Many will keep on doubting, as passion is always second fiddle to financial security in a world that worships money, imaginary money (stocks and debt), and material manifestations of success. If you do pursue your dreams, no matter how silly they may sound to others, you can find yourself in a colorful journey that allows you to grow as a person.

Who knows, maybe one day, when you’re successful at doing what you love to do, you will meet Shia on the street. The two of you will sit down in a coffee shop, have a few laughs, talk about your struggles, and discuss how difficult it was for the two of you to become who you are today. And before you go your separate ways, Shia will hug you, smile, and say:

Happy Shia
“Good job, my man. You made it. I’m so happy for you.”

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