When Age and Business Clash: Nicole Panaligan

When we think about the future, we often think about flying cars, digital food, and jet-powered shoes, but have we ever considered the future as our own? A loot, perhaps.  Something that would make us go deranged while in the process of contemplating or absolutely awestruck when the sudden conglomeration of what could possibly be occurs. It might too early but it’s never too late. With the future slowly nearing our generation, it’s about time that we put our minds into action.

In the world of business, the person managing the negotiations and profit should be able to think of ideas that would make the eyes of the consumers sparkle and their mouths babble. Some might think that this particular scenario may and can only happen if a product is expensive and deviates from things as they already are; fortunately, with her creative mind and appreciation for the simplest entities in the everyday life of a teenager, Krizzia Nicole M. Panaligan, an incoming freshman at De La Salle University – Manila, is here to prove that anything could be created for anyone, even if it’s just made out of clay.

When we see things, it’s either we ignore them or observe them. Panaligan was just walking around the mall during an ordinary day and then suddenly, an accessories store had piqued her interest. Then, she noticed that the products were  made from either diamonds or plastic. Giving it a relevant spur of the moment and the benefit of the doubt, she bought some clay and once she got home, she transformed them into accessories – molded them into perfection, that is.

At first, she didn’t know exactly what to do with the key chains and bracelets that she had made, but after realizing how tough college was going to be, she instantly planned on turning her craft into something profitable.  If her start-up business begins with a boom, she would use her profit as a future investment to start a bigger business once she graduates from college.

During her sleepless nights, she thought about the possibilities of her online shop named Cole and Clay. After mustering enough courage and determination, she readied her products and set a date of her opening. When she was done setting up an Instagram account (@coleandclayph), she immediately showcased some of her key chains. Even if her shop wasn’t open yet, she already had some buyers.

The world of arts and crafts and entrepreneurship is bound to change and inspire other aspiring businessmen/women when she opens her shop on July 8, 2015.

As teenagers, we tend to speculate about happiness and surreal events that are considered as dreams. However, as we continuously wake up each day, can we or should we, let our dreams remain in the darkness of the night? The days to come are wide and bright, if clay had made all the impact in Panaligan’s life, then I don’t see any reason why the same can’t happen for us – the catalysts of change. The future might become a blur, and we can never be so sure if it has flying cars and whatnot, but we can always be assured that the future will contain us and the works of our hands, together with the passions fueled by our hearts.




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