Tips on Surviving Metro Manila During the Rainy Season

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If there’s one thing that sets Metro Manila apart from other cities in the country, it’s the ridiculous rainy season. As the hot and humid days make way for cloudy, rain-heavy mornings, countless students and professionals brave these flooded roads every morning. Every student in the University Belt area is all to familiar with this scenario: you’ll leave your home or dorm freshly bathed, but arrive to your classroom like a soldier who crawled through every possible trench and puddle. Students who come from the provinces may find themselves shocked to see a small flood after a little heavy rain.

People point their fingers at different directions if you’re looking for someone or something to blame for this mess. Some will raise the lack of proper sewage systems. Others will blame poor urban planning by our government officials. Others still are indignant towards people who carelessly throw their waste everywhere.

As much as we can spend the entire day talking about how we can avert this crisis, we must first focus on more important things, like how will we actually get to school or work without getting soaked?

Here are a few tips that you can use to make your daily commute a lot easier.

Watch the News

Weatherman Forecasts
Kuya Kim and our weather forecasters will help you prepare for the weather tomorrow.

Your local news programs are your best friends when it comes to the weather. Kuya Kim, Lourd de Veyra, and our other weather forecasters present detailed reports on the city’s weather for the coming days. Watching their reports will give you time to prepare for your commute tomorrow.

Get in Touch with the Authorities

Be informed
Follow the right accounts on social media to keep yourself informed.

Local and school authorities take advantage of the accessibility of social media to disseminate information to their constituents. Follow your school administration, student council, and relevant authorities on various social media channels. They will use their accounts on these channels to announce the suspension of classes and other weather-related information.

Prepare a Rainy Day Outfit

Rain Boots
Rain boots for a rainy day.

Preparation is half the battle when it comes to commuting for a rainy day, so you must always have rain-ready gear at a moment’s notice. A raincoat, a sturdy umbrella, and a durable pair of rain boots are some of the basic necessities you will need if you are frequently commuting to or through a flooded area. They will help you keep dry as you brave the flood water and the hot heads of drivers to get to your destination on time.

Know Your Routes and Alternatives

Kuya Driver
This + Baha = Catastrophe.

One trip using the Metro’s first-class transportation system will make you realize how inefficient it actually is. Add the hassle of a flooded street, and you will bear witness to a traffic-induced madness. If you know that you will have trouble using your usual commute, find alternative routes. Having more than one commute option will open up possibilities to help you reach your destination.

Travel with Friends

Commute with friends
 If you’re one cut away from dropping that class-that-you-cannot-fail or you’re an absence away from suspension, and you have no choice but to brave the streets/rivers, travel with your friends. You can discover and traverse flood-free routes together. You can keep each other entertained while you’re all stuck in traffic. Moreover, if the inevitable happens and your group had to wade in knee-deep waters, you can all laugh it off in your next bonding session.
Make the Call Yourself
School Commute
“Pa, papasok ako!”
“Anak, wag na, tignan mo yung baha!”
“Magagalit si Teacher pag absent na naman akoooooo”

If it’s too flooded in your area, you can always just cancel and not make the trip. After all, your overall safety is much more important than the quiz or your day at work. Your boss or instructor will understand if you cannot make it today. Moreover, your parents will love you more for not adding to their worries.

Keep Safe, Keep Dry

These are some pointers you can use while you’re studying or working in the water world that is known as Metro Manila. Remember that no appointment is more important than your own safety, so it is important to weigh your options before wading the city’s flooded streets. Keep dry, keep safe, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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