Finding Inspiration (and More) at Impact Hub Manila’s Hublogathon

impact hum

Blogging for a cause is not an easy thing to do. With all the crazy and negative stuff posted online, focusing on more meaningful things becomes difficult sometimes. In fact, it is like waging a battle against some negatrons that make the cyberspace a less ideal place for people.

But of course, it is too early to give up. Despite all the negativities we encounter online on a regular basis, it is worth noting that there are still sites that continue to offer useful, meaningful, inspiring, and even life-changing content online.  In fact, behind many of these amazing sites are also bloggers for a cause like us.


Impact Hub Manila, the most awesome coworking place in the Metro, gathered some of these bloggers last August 3 during the Hublogathon. The said event was part of the Bloggers’ Week, created to celebrate the greatness of people who aim to spread good news using blogs and the social media.

I was lucky to be part of the said event. Representing Voice of the Youth Online, I was able to meet other bloggers for impact. Like me, they were also so passionate at what they were doing. Their energy moved me; their thoughts inspired me as a blogger committed to inform, inspire, involve, and empower fellow Filipino youth.


These new friends made me excited for future collaborations. We also agreed to support each other’s events and projects as long as we could. What a great way to network!


I also listened to the talks of social entrepreneurs like Mr. Brian Tenorio of KKK Coffee, Ms. Princess Mazan of Green House PH, Mr. Brian Benitez of Bambike, Ms. Amy Andes of Hope in a Bottle, Mr. Mark Joseph Dela Cruz of Mom’s Haus of Mushrooms, Mr. Pierre Lagislador of Volstrov, Philippe Gaeng of Proximity, and Ms. Jen Horn of Muni.

I was also able to meet Ms. Earth Switzerland 2010 Lizan Kuster and owner Matthias Jaeggi, co-founders of Impact Hub Manila.


These people have inspired me to continue blogging for impact. Their stories also made me realize that indeed, there are still a lot of great stories to share through writing. The world is a great place with all these people. Instead of focusing on bad things, we should talk about them more and more.

And of course, I also had a great time at Impact Hub Manila. It was great to know what somewhere in the busy city of Makati, there is this place where I can sit down, focus on my fruitful thoughts, work on things that could help my advocacy reach more people, and meet individuals who are doing the same things.


The coworking space’s coziness, beauty, and functionality make it ideal not only for social entrepreneurs and bloggers but also for anyone who’s longing for a quiet and energizing place to work in. After all, it has everything one needs to get things done. It has ample space for comfy chairs and tables, plenty of power outlets, reliable WiFi connection, printing services, and refreshments. Its large windows allows sun rays to get in, too, so you can always have sunny during your stay here.

It also holds interesting and insightful events at night. People behind Impact Hub Manila invite interesting speakers from whom attendees can learn priceless lessons in life.

Impact Hub Manila

5th Floor, Green Sun
2285 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension
1231 Makati City, Philippines

+63 917 620 81 17 (Ces Rondario)
+63 915 431 04 54 (LizAn Kuster)
+63 927 88 88 927 (Matt Jaeggi)






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