That Thing Called Kilig: On Love Stories and Time Management

‘Di ba? 🙂
We live in a time saturated by passionate and star-crossed lovers in different molds and packages. Different media giants know and understands the unique fixation Filipinos have towards stories of romantic love, and they have capitalized on its earning potential. Books, television shows, radio dramas, and films feature tales of love lost, love found, love misappropriated, love frustrated. We, as a people, love these stories and can’t get enough of them. We feel the pains of these stories’ characters when their love don’t get reciprocated. We bathe in kilig whenever they get to indulge in moments of passion and romantic bliss. We even organize trips to visit the sites that were used as backdrops of these stories. Visitors of “La Preza” make the long travel north just so they can see the beautiful scenery where Xander and Agnes of the hit teleserye Forevermore fell in love themselves.
While there is nothing wrong with consuming these stories, they do tend to overstay their welcome and take over our lives. For example, we may forget that these characters we watch are fictional. They were specifically written to win our affections. Wishing that your boyfriend/girlfriend is as good looking as the actors that portray them will only make you disappointed. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many gorgeous people roaming around. Moreover, it’s practically impossible to find someone as devoted and romantic as Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook. If you find one that’s as cheesy as he is, good for you, but life isn’t a movie. People can’t be as romantic or loving as One More Chance‘s Popoy all the time.
Constantly fussing over these teleseryes and romance novels can also take away precious time that you could have used on doing more meaningful and productive activities. If you feel that these love stories are taking too much of your time, it’s high time for an intervention. It seems impossible to get away from your daily fix of spazzing and kilig at first, but it’s achievable if you try. All you have to do is keep yourself busy. Here are some tips that can help you spend some time away from the spectacle of artificial kilig and deceptive romantics.
Fill Your Calendar with Activities
Taking down notes will help you remember the things that you have to do
Keep yourself busy, you hopeless romantic!
The most effective way of addressing you addiction to romance is filling your schedule with other stuff to do. Meet friends, read a different book that’s not romance, bond with your family, do something creative like painting, or travel. Keeping your calendar full will help you take your mind off the romantic stories. Heck, you can even go on a date with someone special. Why fixate on fake love stories when you can experience genuine kilig with a real person?
Set Your Limits
Because (maybe) you have a lot to do.
If you’re clingy and can’t let Christian Grey go
If you really can’t stop yourself from watching your favorite teleserye or reading your Fifty Shades because “It’s finally getting to the good part!”, then at least learn to control yourself. Read only a single chapter or watch a single episode a day. Don’t search it online when you’re at school or at work. Learning to manage your time between your kilig sessions and real-life responsibilities will help you organize better in the long haul.
Don’t Stay Up for John Lloyd
“Just one more page.” Biggest. Lie. Ever.
Everyone has experienced reading or watching something so good that it made you stay up well into the wee hours of the morning. It’s okay if it’s a twice-every-two-weeks thing, but doing watching three straight seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in one night won’t be good for your grades or career. Learn to put the book down or turn the computer off for some shut-eye. Your favorite romance story won’t be going anywhere, unlike your main character’s arrogant, douchebag ex who left her for a supermodel who has it all.
Wala nga sigurong forever, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most of our time. Keeping your fascination in check ensures that your own life won’t pale in fomparison to the stories you love. Stop fantasizing and make your life a rollercoaster of emotions worthy of a big screen adaptation.

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