Get ready for FEALAC!


This September 18-22, 2015 marks the first FEALAC (Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation) Conference in Asia. This conference will be hosted by the Government of Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This conference aims is to facilitate the establishment of social relations through interaction and socialization to build friendship among the delegates, as well as to cultivate the sportsmanship and positive mental attitude within each delegate.

This event will be held in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and will be attended by 72 Delegates across the FEALAC member countries. This year’s motto is “Empowering the Atlantic-Pacific Net” and to materialize the theme, the event will have four sub-events, namely workshops, brainstorming, conference and city tours.



The workshops would be the avenue for the delegates to absorb information from the practitioners. It will have prominent speakers addressing three topics under the grand theme of Maritime-based entrepreneurship – to introduce maritime universal concept and opportunities, Youth Attitude- that is aimed to revolutionize the delegates’ attitude and thought in facing global challenges especially in entrepreneurial capabilities, and Online Development – to introduce online platform as a swift and sustainable discussion avenue. The workshops will take place at the Novotel Hotel, Bandung, on 18 and 19 September 2015.



This session is scheduled to provide a room for the delegates to have discussions on global issues. The various knowledge and experience from the delegates are expected to enrich the discussions as well as allowing the delegates to gain new perspectives during and after the discussions. Delegates will have the discussion at the Novotel Hotel, Bandung. The concept of brainstorming is minilab discussion. In this session, the discussion will be linked to the three previous session’s concepts: youth empowerment by maritime-based entrepreneurship and the use of internet platform to accommodate the business. In the end, delegates will craft a unified declaration to be presented during conference.



The Public Conference is dedicated to the delegates and public. It is aimed to encourage global participation on the issue promoted at the event. During the conference, there will be an online interactive session to reach out the public and increase its participation. The Minister of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, Anies Baswedan, is the tentative speaker of the conference. The conference will be held at the historical place, Gedung Merdeka, Bandung. At the end of the conference, delegates will adopt the declaration altogether, followed by International Maritime Day Ceremonial Commemoration.



Delegates will visit several places with a strong story of entrepreneurship and high social value while at the same time incorporating online technology. Delegates are expected to observe and gain a valuable experience from the ground.

The Philippines will have 2 official delegates and I am happy to be one of them. My partner, who hails from Zamboanga City is Ms. ANGELA EUSEBIO a BS Accountancy student of Western Mindanao State University. Together we will be sharing our culture, arts, and the Filipino values as well, we will learn also the culture of our fellow delegates.

Angela EusebioAngela Eusebio from Zamboanga City

Raymard Gutierrez

Raymard Gutierrez from Quezon City

For us, this will be an eye-opener for new opportunities not just for us but as well to other fellow Filipino youth.


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