Singapore Haze Worsens


It’s been a week since the Haze from Sumatra’s Fire engulfed Singapore and other nearby asian countries. It has been reported that the fire was set off by the farmers to clear land for plantation and cultivation of Palm Trees for Palm Oil production.

According to ABC AU NEWS – Four other Indonesian companies,  Rimba Hutani Mas, Sebangun Bumi Andalas Wood Industries, Bumi Sriwijaya Sentosa and Wachyuni Mandira, have been told to take measures to extinguish fires on their land, refrain from starting new ones, and submit action plans to prevent future fires.

Since the Haze, Singapore declares emergency shutdown of Classes due to fluctuating dangerous levels of Air Pollution. It eased to moderate levels last Saturday, but due to a shift of wind direction the situation worsens again.

Since the Haze, Thousands of troops and police has been sent to the Sumatra region in an effort to stop the fires, with the Indonesian Authorities saying that it will take a month to bring everything under control – ABC AU NEWS.


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