On Voting Wisely: When a Crooked Line Tells you Otherwise

In all aspects of reality, sometimes, the only way to make a difference –a big difference, is to become different.

We are all born into this world, and as that happens, we are unknowingly deemed with several rights and obligations. Rights that we can act upon under our discretion, and obligations that we have built walls against. It is a cliché that all of us have the capability to  leave our marks upon the pages of the present and the future, what’s rare and what always comes last is our enactment upon the issues in our society that go unnoticed.

Corruption, lack of transparency, and the poor maintenance of the justice system, these are just some examples of what we’re facing today. We may not experience them as others do, but they all affect us in one way or another. It takes one to know one, but it may take an alter ego just to perceive that these are all happening for a reason and for a cause.

Unfortunately, living under a system of hierarchy and never accountability has led to the mindset that what’s gone will forever be gone, what we have planted on the ground will not be reaped into fruits of everyone’s labor as a nation or as a small body who  both have come to believe that everything should be systematic and democratized.  Nevertheless, it would only take a heart to convince us to stop leaving footprints on the sand and start paving roads to justice and servant-leadership instead…and sometimes, it would only take us a vote –a wise vote.

Typical campaign propaganda would tell you to vote straight, that there is only one way to a democratic government. But how is democracy instilled when even the choices are manipulated and somewhat dictated? In the act of being human, one tries to compromise and play fairly along with other people, but tell me, have some of our political leaders taken advantage of the act of being human as well?

There is still hope in every sticky situation; there is always plan B.  When all else fails, we won’t fall with it.  Because by the end of the day, we still have our realizations, our capacity to think, and the action plans that we never thought we had in mind.

I say, never vote straight; vote wisely instead. There’s no better way to create a spark within the system than to mix in people who were once “enemies.” Leadership isn’t just based on how you work well with others, but on how you work with different people who have had clashing and contrasting principles with you right from the start. Again, the only way to make a difference –a big difference, is to be different.

That one vote can take us to places and even to generations of prosperity. We shouldn’t let  the “unity” of one sector define our being dynamic and capable.  We can make a change in the system, because the system isn’t theirs nor is it the personal property of a single group, it is ours to keep,  not just for the time being, but until such time that tomorrow ends. It is  and will never be a branch of hierarchy, but rather an interconnectedness of liberty and transparency.  The sooner we realize this, the better.  It all starts today,  but the reformation of everything definitely won’t stop tomorrow.


Never vote straight, vote wisely instead.


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