Old Skool: Not Your Typical Movie

Photo: http://www.gmanetwork.com

Often times, when people haven’t finished their studies yet and have already reached an age not anymore fit to the common age of school girls and boys, they tend to neglect the value of education, as they reason out that they are already too old for it.

The movie, Old Skool, would definitely change how people perceive education, if only will be taken into heart.

Starring Tessie Tomas as Lola Fely, 69, decided to finish her sixth grade in elementary, despite experiencing sicknesses due to her old age, and that her daughter (played by Angel Aquino) disapproves of her decision.

The indie film was directed by Tomas’ niece, Cia Hermosa-Jorge. It is not a typical film as compared to the romantic and action movies theaters offer, and may not be as exciting to people, especially that it speaks about education, and many students might have already been complaining of their school works which cause them stress. Reality check, a lot of students hate studying, and this film is really a great movie to watch as it inspires, not only students but old people as well to pursue their education regardless of what may be their reason for giving it up.

In the film, Lola Fely courageously stepped through the gates of the school in their town. He enrolled herself, and even if she met Buboy, a school bully who hurts his classmates, takes money from them, and even from Lola Fely, she did not quit schooling.

There was this instance when Lola Fely was so dedicated to finish her Science project, but when she came to school, Buboy attacked her in surprise while she is going up the stairs, and she lost grip of her project that it fell and got destroyed by other students running up the stairs.

She ends up presenting a destroyed project in front of the class while Buboy laughs at her.

When they were dismissed, she was very angry with Buboy that she hit him. The following day, Buboy did not come to class. Lola Fely became so worried. She asked Buboy’s address from his friends, and she went to his house.

She found out that Buboy lives alone as he no longer has his parents with him. That visit started a connection between the two of them, and Buboy was able to found home in Lola Fely’s arms. Lola Fely adopted Buboy into her house.

Lola Fely got sick that she was forced to be absent from school. It was an emotional battle for her as she feels distressed due to the situation. Angel, as a concerned daughter for her mother’s health, kept on telling Lola Fely not to pursue studying anymore.

Buboy on the other hand, turned from being a bully into a persistent student. He was already doing his assignments and comes to school regularly. He helped Lola Fely when she was absent by giving her the lessons he got from his class.

In the end, in spite of the hurdles that crossed Lola Fely’s life, she was able to graduate, just late. But that does not matter anymore, because for her, the mere fact she has finished her elementary education already meant so much. She decided to take the Alternative Learning System program for her high school as her body does not anymore allow her to opt for regular schooling. Her classmates, superiors, and most especially family, took pride in her during her graduation day.


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