Introducing Boom Cash Digital Payments for the Offline World

Metro Manila, November 17, 2015 – Well known for building the Bitcoin ecosystem in the Philippines, SCI (Satoshi Citadel Industries) has just launched a new product called Boom Cash ( This allows users to send and receive money digitally without the need for an Internet connection. In a world where everything is online, SCI aims to target the many who do not fall through the Internet sphere.

“Using the latest technology and our extensive hands-on experience on the field, this new product is the result of our desire to find solutions for every problem we encounter in our market. It’s the product of an internal hackathon we had at SCI, and is currently on version Alpha,” CEO, John Bailon, shared how the budding idea came to be.

Undeniably, the industry of sending and receiving amongst peers and relatives has been growing rapidly over the years. Built by homegrown entrepreneurs, it has as always been in the best interest of SCI to provide sustainable solutions for the people here and outside the country. Following the former idea called Txtpay, a point of sale system of (, SCI has proven that SMS is indeed a strong mode of communication and has greater opportunities than expected. Bailon firmly believes on the potential of this newest platform as he states that, “Leveraging on Blockchain technology, Boom Cash combines the latest in payments technology with the tried and tested communication medium, which is SMS.”

Boom Cash is a platform for those who do not always have the opportunity to send money offline with such convenience and free from the difficulty of long lines and faulty Internet connection. Boom Cash sends and receives in bitcoins, and stores your money in Philippine Pesos so you benefit from the advantages of the Blockchain technology without being exposed to the risk and complications. _______________________________________________________________________About SCI

Satoshi Citadel Industries Inc. is a fintech startup company building the ecosystem for Bitcoin in the Philippines. We seek to streamline financial services by creating Bitcoin solutions that reduce the costs of using and transferring money. Our aim is to realize the full potential of Bitcoin technology by changing the way people think about money and value, ultimately empowering the individual Filipino and engineering the future of finance in the country.

Contact Information
SCI (Satoshi Citadel Industries)
606 GC Corporate Plaza Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines 1203
+63 (02) 843 3841


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