Attend WAT UP’s Year-Ender Party!


Once upon a time, in a castle full of feels and dreams, there was a family that wanted to give back. And so they organized a banquet fit for the royal hearts.

They have sent a message to the whole kingdom, including the nearby towns:

You are cordially invited to WAT UP THANKSGIVING x YEAR-END PARTY to be held at the Sev’s Cafe. The event shall be graced by the family’s royal friends – Ian PennBennyBunnyBand,CoeliMellow SubmarineCarousel Casualties,Wasted WendyAustin PH, Amy Soriano, Nelle Fernandez, White Wall Poetry, and other yet to be discovered artists.

It will be on the 16th of December 2015, Wednesday, and will start at 6pm.

Everyone attending is required to bring a story book (preferably Filipino) and/or art materials as entry pass. [The collected items will be donated toTheStorytellingProject] Bring your family, friends, and loved ones and join us in the journey of giving back.



PS: Everyone is also encouraged to bring an exchange gift item worth 150.00 PHP, unisex. This is not required but it would be fun to do the tradition within the community


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