SkyEye, Inc. Awarded P750,000 Start-Up support through Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC

Winner of Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC

MANILA, Philippines—29 March 2016—In a joint effort to discover and empower the next big innovation addressing mobility, Impact Hub Manila and LBC have chosen to support SkyEye, Inc. As the winning team of the Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC, they will receive a grand prize amounting to P750,000, which includes seed funding of P320,000. Apart from the cash prize, SkyEye will receive continued support and development with LBC and Impact Hub Manila for the next 9 months. They gain access to a collaborative workspace, valuable local and global network, focused mentoring, and continued skill development worth more than P430,000.

SkyEye, Inc. was started by a group of researchers and engineers gathering weather data and producing maps with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone) technology. They have since grown into a technically skilled enterprise dedicated to SkyEye Inc.maximizing UAV technology in various applications. From comprehensive and cost-efficient land surveying, to deed titling, infrastructure planning and construction, to humanitarian response. It is their mission to provide clients with the optimized technology as well as the guidance to make better decisions about property, land, and developments.

The winning Fellow was among three teams that pitched their businesses to a panel of industry experts and investors led by Mr. Dino Araneta, LBC’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer.

Aside from SkyEye, two other companies entered the 3-month Cohort Phase of the Fellowship, and also participated in Impact Hub’s KICK Incubation Program. Food Planner, are a post-harvest food processing initiative taking food direct from the farmers to the market. They are pioneering the production of dehydrated food products. Wave are a ride-sharing, booking, and social platform that acts as an affordable alternative for daily commuters and urban professionals. The teams were exposed to esteemed mentors and gained access to a global network of innovators as well as the local start-up community.

“Our team was able to grow really fast over the last three months,” said Matthew Cua, co-founder of SkyEye, Inc. “As engineers, thinking about business models and thinking about sales is not a natural thing for us. The whole  program enabled us to better communicate our value proposition and make it more compelling. We were able to make our tool sets as entrepreneurs even stronger and gain valuable insights from industry experts and other start-ups. Overall, we are a stronger company now.”

SkyEye, Inc. was chosen because of their innovative approach, combining hardware, software, and highly talented people to create services to benefit the customers and the country. “We believe their pioneering use of drone technology has a huge potential to bring positive change to the Philippines and abroad. Through further development, we anticipate a diverse range of solutions and applications in the subject of mobility,” said Dino Araneta. “Through the Fellowship, we’ve seen SkyEye’s improvements first-hand, taking them to a stage where their company is ready to scale. Together, we will be able to gain even more traction in the next 9 months of the Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility. LBC gained insight into the most

innovative companies and minds in the mobility sector and was able to create partnerships with several of the more than 40 applicants.”

“All three teams went through an intensive 3-month cohort phase where we observed them in action; how they work, how quick they learn and adapt, and how they progress,” said LizAn Kuster, co-founder of Impact Hub Manila. “We look forward to hosting more Incubation and Innovation Programs with excellent partners such as LBC, who are driven by innovation, and actively support and incubate start-ups and social enterprises such as these.” LBC was instrumental in launching this very first Impact Hub Fellowship. The partnership between LBC and Impact Hub exceeded expectations, since all three teams took big steps in refining their business skills and preparing the next phase of their respective companies.

With their logistical experience and operational knowhow as the country’s chief courier service, LBC were at a pertinent vantage point to tackle issues of mobility and value chain management. LBC proves they are a company motivated by constant innovation, bent on empowering small to medium businesses.

Stay tuned, since we will launch more innovation, impact and incubation programs in the future.


About Impact Hub Manila

Impact Hub Manila is an impact-driven company focusing on incubation and innovation. Impact Hub Manila supports start-ups, talents, corporations, and organizations with a wide range of training programs and consulting services, offering networking and a co-working space. With 11,000+ members in 77+ Impact Hubs across the world and 30 in the making, the Impact Hub Network has become the center of gravity for people innovating a new kind of economy, for a world that works for all. The Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC is the first in a series of incubation programs. Talented start-ups and teams can improve their skillset through the KICK training program, making their businesses investable and scalable.

Impact Hub Manila, 5th Floor Green Sun, 2285 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, 1231 Makati, Philippines

For more information, please contact LizAn Kuster,, 0063 915 431 04 54


About LBC Express

LBC Express, Inc. is the Philippines’ market leader in payments, remittance, courier products, mail, parcels and cargo logistics. Through a global presence in over 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe, LBC Express’ network of 4,400 locations, partners, and agents is growing steadily, and commits to moving lives, businesses, and communities in the Philippines and across the globe. Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC Express pioneered time-sensitive cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. Today, it is the most admired and trusted courier, cargo, and remittance service of millions of Filipinos, an iconic and global Filipino brand. LBC can move it for you.

+632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial)

For more information on LBC, please get in touch with Rea L. Gomez,

Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC is structured in 3 phases:

During the application phase, we invited everyone interested to benefit from an ideation workshop, where participants learned how to conceptualize ideas with a clear business approach. From all applications received, 6 candidates were invited to a pitching workshop and later to present in front of a professional jury panel, where the 3 finalists were selected to enter the Cohort phase.

The Cohort phase is an intensive 3-month acceleration phase, targeting the development of a full-fledged business model as well as other key competences and start-up skills. Finalists further gain access to a personal coach, valuable networks, and a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub. At the end of this phase, the Impact Hub Fellow is selected to enter the final incubation phase. During the Cohort phase the finalists run through the Kick Program.

The goal for the Fellow during the 9-month incubation phase is to develop and test the prototypes, secure additional funding as well as customer and receive customized mentorship, build a organizational structure and found a legal entity. During this phase, the Fellow receives significant seed funding as well as connections to peer entrepreneurs, coaches, and other valuable contacts. These relationships, combined with focused skill development and access to a vibrant community of change-makers in an inspiring work atmosphere, help facilitate the start-up of a thriving social business.

About the KICK Program

The Kick program is designed to educate and give tools to entrepreneurs, so they can act as multipliers: grow and innovate, create jobs and have an impact. The Kick program is based on the best practices of TechStars, and the experiences operating Fledge, the “conscious company” accelerator. It is held in 29 countries, including San Francisco, NYC, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Dubai. Kick Manila is a 6-week business accelerator program, meeting 1-2 times per week with the best mentors in each industry. During the program we provide valuable support and tools to the selected entrepreneurs in development of business model, Minimum Viable Product and operating model and help them develop key competencies.


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