Voice of the Youth Network Launches New Program: Radio Kabataan


The largest youth media network, Voice of the Youth (VOTY), launched its new radio program entitled Radio Kabataan.

Radio Kabataan started airing on April 2, 2016, through the radio station DZXL 558 AM– RMN, and will continue to air every Saturday, 9 to 10 AM.

The new program, headed by hosts Den Epic and Elaine Apit, aims to promote the VOTY advocacy to inform, inspire, involve, and empower the Filipino youth.

Different segments will be heard on the program which will definitely cater to young minds, and help them be motivated in life.

Volunteer writers and correspondents are welcome to join the program, and may express interest by sending a message to the Facebook page:

Radio Kabataan

Along with other programs under VOTY Network with its founder Pocholo Gonzales, Radio Kabataan seeks to be a new venue for Filipino youth to express their ideas and reach out to others with the aim of providing inspiration and encouraging individuals to achieve more in life.

Radio Kabataan acknowledges and appreciates DZXL station manager Jenil Demorito for making this another opportunity for the youth possible.


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