The 26th Grand Ad Clash: A Showdown of Creative Advertising Young Bloods

26th Grand Ad Clash

It’s the grandest time of the year for Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Department  of Advertising and Public Relations, as the graduating students show what creativity really is, in the upcoming 26th Grand Ad Clash entitled “Muling Pagdaloy: Ang Dugong Malikhain”, happening at SM City San Lazaro Activity Center on April 9, 2016 at exactly 12 PM.

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations will showcase that creativity and wit flow in the veins of their students as they annually arrange an integrated marketing communication contest that marks the final stretch of the senior students before they go toe-to toe with the real deals of Advertising shebang. And for the year 2016, 6 teams will be up for their grandest pitch yet, with Maynilad Water Services Inc. as their client.

Much like how important the role water plays in our day to day living, the 6 participating teams carefully conserve and utilize every drop of research and data which are essential, as it support their campaigns. These facts will help them come up with a crystal clear analysis, after a thorough analyzation and brainstorming, recommendations, together with the out-of-the-box idea and deliverables, will start coming up as the creative blood flow intensifies for each participating team. And with much confidence, the team’s chosen presenters will exude the overflowing greatness of their work at SM City San Lazaro Activity Center on April 9, 2016 at exactly 12 in the afternoon. Updates will be posted on their official Facebook page at It will definitely be a day of big idea extravaganza as these 6 contestants will have their young creative bloods tested and be hailed as the grand winner of the said event.

Come and witness the grandest event of the year, where real creativity flows in the veins of the advertising youngsters, the 26th Grand Ad Clash entitled: “Muling Pagdaloy:Dugong Malikhain.”

26th Grand AD Clash is brought to you by 3rd year students of advertising and public relations, in cooperation with Beep, Muz Skin Care Korea, Dickies, Eskwelahan Planner, Finessa Aesthetica, Zalora, PULP Magazine, Chalk,, Rakista Radio, Voice of the Youth Network, Wazzup Pilipinas, Radyo Veritas, Wish 107.5, and Light Network Channel 33.


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